Cafe Services Testimonials

7 years and counting: Café Services' chefs are top notch and have a great rapport with employees

“We have some unique requirements in our two locations that could be considered difficult in some café dining situations, but Café Services makes it seamless.

For instance, we have a strict policy of no fried foods, so Café Services focuses on offering the healthiest possible selections to our employees. The chefs know everyone by name and remember if people have allergies or special requests. They go out of their way to make the offerings exciting. They work with us on promotions and take ideas from our staff and put those into the menu. They also have no problem selecting and offering top-quality ethnic foods. They do a wonderful job.

The chefs are able to keep the interest of the combined 425 or so employees which makes our two cafeterias busy spots where people go for breakfast and lunch. The chefs offer a variety of top quality and great tasting food every day.

The chefs also multitask very well. They cater our many onsite events with a fancy setup, serving anywhere from 4-5 employees up to 70 employees while serving the usual meals in the cafeterias.

The Café Services corporate office takes time to reach out to us, probably every month or so, to ask how things are going. They want to talk to us to see what they can do to keep the selections fresh and the options exciting. There’s a good dialogue between us and they are flexible and react to any requests quickly. They either e-mail or call me right back. It’s great.”

David Bird
Manager of Procurement, Cell Signaling Technology Inc.

Partnering with Cafe Services is one of the best management decisions I've ever made...

The food quality has increased 100-fold, the variety is amazing, and the staff is extraordinary. In the short time Café Services has been on board, we’ve cut our subsidy in half.

The food looks so good, many employees, including me, have started purchasing extra food to bring home after work for dinner. With the added revenue to the company, it’s been a win-win all around.

Christine Clifford
Director of Administrative Services, Element Financial

Café Services is wonderful, and the feedback from diners has been incredibly superb

“When we started looking for a new food service provider in 2014, Café Services came highly recommended for the integrity of its leadership and unique, hybrid experience in corporate dining and education.

Providing nutrition services in an early childhood education setting requires expertise in meeting USDA regulations as well as meeting special dietary requirements. We also had to consider the needs of the diverse adults that use our café and are accustomed to dining restaurant style. This includes families with children, clients and patients with a variety of physical and cognitive challenges, and employees from nine unaffiliated nonprofit organizations.

The Café Services team has done a remarkable job making everyone feel welcome—from the kids to the professionals to the brain injury patients. For the latter, the lunch program plays a critical role helping to develop skills for navigating the real world; and Café Services goes overboard to accommodate them in a kind, patient and respectful way.

Café Services is wonderful, and the feedback from diners has been incredibly superb. On top of it all, our manager works really hard to keep expenses in line and increase sales. We hit the jackpot with the café staff we have, here.”

Debra Grabowski, RN
Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Seacoast Health