Cafeteria Management Insights
August 17, 2018
Boston Corporate Caterer Exceeds Expectations for Brighton Massachusetts Commercial Multitenant Campus
Boston dining and corporate catering company, Café Services, exceeds their clients expectations hosting a large event in Brighton Massachusetts....

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June 21, 2018
The Corporate Catering Guide for Choosing the Best Corporate Caterer
A successful catered event starts with partnering with the right corporate caterer. One capable of handling any of the numerous challenges associated with corporate catering, such as menu options, st...

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February 22, 2018
A Unique Outsourced Food Service Management Program for a Special New Hampshire Non-Profit
The Foundation for Seacoast Health gets the customized foodservice they needed with Café Services. ...

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December 20, 2017
Custom Corporate Food Service: Café Services Provides Companies the Flexibility to Deliver Corporate Dining the Way They Want
A large electric power industry client in New York state is extremely happy with their new corporate food management service provider, Café Services....

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September 29, 2017
Self-Checkout Corporate Cafeterias: Micro Markets that Offer Employees Fresh Food 24x7
Corporations that want to offer a variety of delicious fresh food options to employees at any time of day are taking advantage of micro markets - mini non-staffed versions of their corporate cafeteria...

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August 02, 2017
Café Services Increases Corporate Dining Participation 200% at Element Fleet in Sparks, MD
When a leading global fleet management service and commercial vehicle financing company wanted to increase corporate food service value at their Sparks, Maryland headquarters, it turned to food servic...

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August 01, 2017
Café Services Commits to Global Animal Partnership Program
Café Services, Inc., a leading dining management services company specializing in corporate, educational and senior living environments, announce its commitment to adopting policies to improved condi...

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May 12, 2017
5 Top Trends Transforming Food Services for Companies
Savvier, more adventuresome diners, serial snacking, health and wellness, sustainability and social responsibility and a focus on employee engagement are all transforming food services for companies.....

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March 01, 2017
How to Fuel Happy Employees, High Performance with a Corporate Food Service Subsidy
Most corporate food service subsidies are budget driven, using smart product pricing to offset the expense of the subsidy. Some companies with budget-based subsidized food service operations will offe...

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December 05, 2016
How to Prepare a Corporate Food Service Request for Proposal - (RFP)
In our 23 years as a corporate food services company, we've seen and responded to a lot of RFPs (requests for proposals). Although it takes a good deal of focus, writing RFPs is a vital part of vendor...

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November 03, 2016
The Definitive Guide for Selecting a Food Service Provider for Your Company Cafeteria
Return on Investment, cost savings and healthy value priced menu choices are just a few of the benefits to consider when selecting a corporate cafeteria vendor or food service management company....

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September 28, 2016
5 Questions To Ask When Renovating Your Corporate Cafeteria
What goes into a positive, productive workplace environment? For many forward-looking companies, a main ingredient is a modern, tastefully designed space for serving up exceptional corporate dining ex...

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July 26, 2016
'Locavorism' Takes Root At Café Services Corporate Dining Locations
The 'farm-to-fork' dining trend has been going strong in U.S. households and restaurants for a while. But now it's taking root at Café Services corporate dining locations across the eastern U.S., inc...

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May 23, 2016
Have Your Corporate Food Service and Your Corporate Catering Too
There are many reasons our customers benefit from corporate catering services provided by their corporate food service, such as better food quality, lower costs, upscale service and much faster respon...

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April 17, 2016
FitPicks Expands To Support Changing Workplace Wellness Trends
Healthy eaters are healthy employees. They're also more productive employees - a connection that hasn't been lost on the 70% of US employers that offer some kind of employee wellness program - many of...

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March 30, 2016
Not-Your-Average Fast Food: Self-Service Micro-Market Fuels 'Smarter, Faster' Dining at Amazon Robotics
To the forward-looking inventors and doers at Amazon Robotics, a Café Services, Massachusetts corporate food service company, inspiration can strike at any time. So can that twinge in the stomach or ...

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February 29, 2016
Cafe Services Brings Contemporary Corporate Dining To Classic Office Site At W.B. Mason's
Just because a company is old doesn't mean it's old fashioned. Just look at the stylish, new modern café and kitchen at the Brockton, Mass. location of W.B. Mason, one of the country's largest office...

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January 29, 2016
Cafe Services Leads Corporate Dining Management Trends For 2016
For corporate dining management company, Café Services, looking at annual food trends at the start of the year is more than just a crystal ball gazing exercise. It is part of what we do to help our c...

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December 22, 2015
Cafe Services' Five Top Tips For Throwing A Successful Holiday Office Party
Tis the season when Café Services corporate food service management clients in Connecticut and across the northeast show their appreciation for employees and celebrate the year's accomplishments by t...

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November 20, 2015
Cafe Services Fall Harvest Festival Makes Corporate Dining Room Place to Be in November
On November 18, Café Services hosted a Fall Harvest Festival at all Massachusetts corporate food service management locations and throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic. The highlight of the menu ...

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October 27, 2015
Café Services Goes Purple to Help Verizon Raise Domestic Violence Awareness
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Verizon, a Café Services Massachusetts corporate food service management customer, is going purple and rallying employees, supporters and customers to ch...

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September 18, 2015
Café Services Revitalizes Corporate Dining at Element Financial in Sparks, Maryland
It's been two months. Yet employees at Element Financial are still raving about the annual summer picnic in July, catered by Café Services, a corporate food service management provider to Maryland bu...

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August 18, 2015
Eat Them In Season: 5 Reasons To Feast on Local Tomatoes At Café Services Business Food Service Management Locations.
How do you know it's August in the northeast at a Café Services business food service management location? Just look at the tomatoes. Atop burgers and deli sandwiches, at the fresh salad bar, and in ...

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July 31, 2015
For Cell Signaling Technology and Eastern Bank, Farm-to-Table Dining is Business As Usual at Café Services.
For Massachusetts companies like Cell Signaling Technology (CST) and Eastern Bank, farm-to-table dining is more than just a concept or weekly special at the cafeteria. It’s an integral part of d...

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June 29, 2015
Fresh Strawberries Hit Sweet Spot at Café Services Business Dining Management Locations
Few experiences say “June” like sinking your teeth into a juicy, sweet strawberry—whether it’s a pick-your-own or part of a delicious meal at a Café Services business dining m...

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May 31, 2015
Café Services Makes A Splash In Seafood Sustainability
With the ocean just a stone’s throw away from many Café Services locations, it’s not a surprise that business diners have a healthy appetite for seafood. But how healthy is it for the oce...

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April 27, 2015
Café Services Moves to New, Modern Headquarters in Centrally Located Manchester, New Hampshire
A company that grows as steadily as Café Services needs room to expand. So on February 27, the corporate food service management company serving greater New England and the mid-Atlantic, moved from ...

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March 30, 2015
Shared Commitment To Go Above and Beyond Brings Koch Business Solutions at Invista To Café Services Family
On March 2, Café Services took over corporate food service operations at Invista, a subsidiary of Koch Industries and maker of leading global brands including LYCRA, ® COOLMAX® and STAINMASTER. ® ...

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February 17, 2015
Café Services Helps BIC Combat Rising Healthcare Costs With FitPicks Healthy Meals and Education
The North American headquarters of BIC Consumer Products in Shelton, Connecticut has long made employee health and wellness a focus. But when healthcare costs took a big jump last year, the company ma...

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January 27, 2015
Café Services Brings Unique Mix of School and Corporate Dining Experience to the Community Campus in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Serving the nonprofits at the Community Campus in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is not for just any corporate food service company. So when the nonprofit community started looking for a new provider in f...

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November 28, 2014
Café Services Opens State-of-the-Art Corporate Dining Facility at Kiva Systems, Wholly Owned Subsidiary of
On November 10, Café Services staged the grand opening of a new, full service corporate dining room at Kiva Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of in North Reading, Massachusetts....

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October 28, 2014
At Café 930, Contemporary Corporate Dining Is A Perk That Keeps Guests Coming Back
As competition for professional talent heats up, businesses increasingly promote corporate dining as a perk to attract educated, hard-working employees with discriminating tastes about where and what ...

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September 26, 2014
Café Services Caters To 800 Employees and State Dignitaries At Schneider Electric Ribbon Cutting
Café Services, a corporate food services company serving Massachusetts and the greater northeast, served lunch to about 800 Schneider Electric employees and state and local dignitaries on September 1...

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September 19, 2014
Sustainable Ways to Dispose of Food Waste
Some surveys have shown that up to one in every six Americans go hungry on a daily basis. Food pantries are overwhelmed with the demands of trying to feed increasing numbers of hungry families....

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September 15, 2014
Guidelines for Interpreting Food Labels
Today’s consumers have a desire to purchase and consume foods that are healthy and are free of pesticides and chemical enhancers. However, current food labeling designations can make the selecti...

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August 21, 2014
How Café Services Thrives
The success of Café Services is closely linked to the satisfaction of its growing roster of loyal customers. At least that’s how Brian Stone sees it. Founder and CEO of the corporate food serv...

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July 28, 2014
Hundreds Gather For Café Services' Pasta Dinner To Celebrate 7th Annual GE 5k Road Race
The atmosphere on the grounds of General Electric’s Plainville, Connecticut plant felt like a carnival on Saturday evening, July 12—where hundreds dined on a hearty pasta dinner from Café...

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July 24, 2014
How to Select the Right Cafeteria Management Partner for Your Company
The decision to retain a full-time cafeteria service provider is a significant one. It impacts your corporate budget, morale, and culture. It can impact your employees' health and nutritional well-b...

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June 30, 2014
Catering Gets Faster and Easier for Café Services Corporate Food Service Customers
New, full-service online catering guide saves time and prevents details from falling through cracks Café Services corporate food service customers in Massachusetts and throughout the northeast have ...

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June 16, 2014
Why Experts Should Manage Your Food Service Operation
For the Institutional Food Service or Cafeteria Service Manager, there are more third party service provider alternatives to evaluate than ever before. And the odds are high that most of them provide ...

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May 14, 2014
The “Eat Local” Food Movement
The Eat Local food movement has been rapidly growing at an even much faster pace than the Organic movement. Many local farmers practice organic techniques while providing consumers with both fresh and...

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May 09, 2014
Cafe Services’ World-Class Corporate Dining Reflects Spirit of Innovation at Schneider-Electric
When Schneider-Electric opened its gleaming new research and development (R&D) center earlier this year, a top priority was designing a corporate dining program from scratch to reflect the company&rsq...

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April 24, 2014
Work Smarter Not Harder: Cafeteria Outsourcing for Your Business
In today's fast paced business environment, your business demands your complete attention. It makes good business and economic sense to outsource your company's cafeteria management to a qualified com...

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April 14, 2014
Café Services Celebrates Earth Day With Ocean-Friendly Seafood Specials
At Café Services, Earth Day has long been an opportunity to encourage food choices that not only taste good; but also are healthy and safe for the environment. This year, the corporate food service c...

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March 26, 2014
How to Market a Company Cafeteria to Your Employees
A company cafeteria is a major benefit for a company's employees. As in any business endeavor, the marketing of products and services is an important key to the company's success. It is no different w...

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March 20, 2014
During National Nutrition Month And All Year, Café Services Diners “Enjoy The Taste Of Eating Right”
“Enjoy the taste of eating right” is the theme of National Nutrition Month 2014, a nutrition awareness campaign promoted annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics....

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March 11, 2014
Café Services Makeover Transforms Corporate Dining At Global Manufacturer
The café at Axcelis is a popular place since Café Services, a corporate dining company serving Massachusetts and the greater northeast, gave the technology firm’s dining program a fresh new lo...

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January 27, 2014
New And Expanded FitPicks Gives Café Services Diners More Healthy Choices In The New Year
The New Year is a popular time to kick off healthy eating habits. The office is a great place to start, if you’re lucky enough to be a Café Services customer....

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December 20, 2013
Café Services Thanks Associates For Supporting Toys For Tots
The management team at Café Services, a corporate dining company serving Massachusetts and the greater northeast, sends a warm “thank you” to the many associates who participated in the c...

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November 25, 2013
Cafe Services Gives Thanks To Customers
This month, people all over the country are preparing to celebrate their good fortunes over a Thanksgiving feast. Café Services, a corporate food services company serving Massachusetts, is sharing in...

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October 23, 2013
Fall Harvest Cooking At Café Services
When the fall chill sets in, Café Services chefs get busy finding creative and tasteful ways to make the most of the autumn harvest....

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September 10, 2013
Café Services Brings Taste of Boston to Gemline – Employee Appreciation Celebration
Café Services diners at Gemline in Lawrence, MA are big fans of cannolis—a traditional Sicilian dessert pastry made by filling a flaky, tube-shaped crust with rich, creamy cheese like mascarpon...

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August 27, 2013
Café Services Corporate Dining Company Celebrates 20 Years of Outstanding Food Service
When Café Services founder Brian Stone signed on his first customer in July 1993, he was no stranger to food service. A culinary school graduate, Brian began working in restaurants at age 14 and spen...

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July 26, 2013
Corporate Dining Company Makes Big Splash at Comcast With 2nd Annual Lobster & Crab Boil
Café Services lured almost three-dozen seafood-craving employees to its second annual lobster and crab boil—almost triple the number from its inaugural event last summer....

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June 27, 2013
Cafe Services Caters To Diners On Gluten-Free Diets At Massachusetts Corporate Food Service Cafe
At the Arbella Insurance corporate food service café near Boston, Massachusetts, Café Services Chef/Manager Jay always offers a gluten-free alternative to the daily special....

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May 31, 2013
Café Services Opening Farmers’ Market At BIC In Shelton, Connecticut
Café Services diners at BIC will soon be able to browse for fresh, local produce on their lunch hour from nearby Beardsley Organic Farm....

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April 30, 2013
Café Services Cashless Food Program Makes Corporate Dining Convenient and Popular at New Hampshire Manufacturing Firm.
Ever since corporate dining company Café Services began a cashless food service program at Cobham in 2010, the cafeteria at the military systems manufacturer has been a popular, bustling place....

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October 15, 2012
Café Services Revitalizes Corporate Dining At Gems Sensors & Controls
When Gems Sensors & Controls chose Café Services over other Connecticut corporate food services companies to manage employee dining, the manufacturing firm faced 3 main challenges: 1.) Moving hourly ...

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October 11, 2012
Café Services Commitment to Culinary Excellence Raises Stakes for Massachusetts Corporate Food Services Companies
The Verizon Innovation Center near Boston, Massachusetts is where next-generation services that use advanced mobile wireless technologies are developed, tested and showcased. More than just a research...

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October 11, 2012
Café Services Raises Bar For Massachusetts Corporate Dining Companies:
When California-based Autodesk opened an East Coast office for its architecture, engineering and construction division (AEC), one of the first objectives was building a site with complete, interior an...

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September 28, 2012
Café Services Out Flexes Connecticut Corporate Dining Companies To Bring Value Without Overhead To Company in Transition
Talk to several different Café Services associates, and chances are, they’ll all tell you that unlike many Connecticut corporate dining companies, Café Services is not a “cookie-cutter&r...

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September 28, 2012
Café Services Transforms Business Dining At Connecticut Corporate Food Service Facility
Before Café Services transformed corporate food service at Connecticut based GE Industrial Solutions near Hartford, the company of over 300 employees was at a crossroads. Diners, a combination of whi...

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September 28, 2012
Café Services Shows a Passion For People At Massachusetts Corporate Food Service Cafe
If you wonder what Café Services means by saying they’re passionate about people, just stroll through the Massachusetts corporate food service cafe at Arbella Insurance in the Crown Colony Offi...

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September 28, 2012
Cafe Services Brings Fine Food and Custom Service To Pennsylvania Corporate Food Service Scene
Café Services, Inc., the preferred corporate food service company for over 150 locations in New England, is now serving up its extraordinary blend of fresh, quality food and custom service to busines...

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June 20, 2012
Cafe' Services Celebrates Summer with Fresh Strawberries!
Cafe' Services Celebrates Native New England Strawberries throughout the month of June!...

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Chef Toby - September 12, 2018
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Chef Larry F. - August 02, 2018
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Chef Larry F. - July 26, 2018
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Thank you for Hosting Our 2017 Executive Meeting
Dear Café Services SVB Catering Team, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work associated with hosting the FMC 2017 Executive Meeting. Each and every one of you put forth great effort and detailed planning in the mo...

Marie Gilet
Senior Manager, Corporate Services, Fresenius Medical Care
7 years and counting: Café Services' chefs are top notch and have a great rapport with employees
“We have some unique requirements in our two locations that could be considered difficult in some café dining situations, but Café Services makes it seamless. For instance, we have a strict policy of no fried foods, so Café...

David Bird
Manager of Procurement, Cell Signaling Technology Inc.
Partnering with Cafe Services is one of the best management decisions I've ever made...
The food quality has increased 100-fold, the variety is amazing, and the staff is extraordinary. In the short time Café Services has been on board, we’ve cut our subsidy in half. The food looks so good, many employees, including me, hav...

Christine Clifford
Director of Administrative Services, Element Financial
Café Services is wonderful, and the feedback from diners has been incredibly superb
“When we started looking for a new food service provider in 2014, Café Services came highly recommended for the integrity of its leadership and unique, hybrid experience in corporate dining and education. Providing nutrition services in...

Debra Grabowski, RN
Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Seacoast Health
Cafe Services caters to our every need
“Since Café Services joined BIC in late 2012, employee satisfaction with our corporate dining program has never been better. I frequently get compliments from employees about Café Services—not only on the quality of the food...

Peter Lee
Director, Total Rewards & Labor BIC Consumer Products NAM
Superior Service to Employees
"Comcast has been a client of Cafe Services for over six years beginning with our largest facility in the division.  We have found their entire staff-from front line through ownership-to provide superior overall service to the employee, customer...

Marc Baker
Sr. Manager, Division Building Assets, Comcast
A Leader in Customer Service
"From the very beginning of our partnership with Café Services, they have provided exceptional customer service and quality meals, at affordable prices. On the serving line, their staff is always friendly and engaging, an important aspect of t...

Rob Beaudoin
Manager, Corporate Services, Arbella Insurance
Cafe Services Stands High Above The Rest
“When we were evaluating new corporate food service providers in 2012, Café Services® stood high above the rest for its focus on quality and presentation. Since we’ve been with Café Services, we’ve hit all our fina...

Tom Dunn
Senior Vice President, Director of General Services & Facilities Eastern Bank
Performance Perfected
"It takes a high level of market savvy and management skill to deliver the variety of food choices people want today, all the while keeping a sharp eye on costs.  With Cafe Services, we are saving $4,000 per month over our previous vendor."...

Michael Grogan
Director, Administration, Main Street America Group
Excellent Service for a Last Minute Fire Drill
"Hello, I wanted to send a note to recognize how amazing John and the team at our café were when dealing with a last minute fire drill for me. Friday morning I ran down to the café in a slight panic because we were planning a last minu...

Marni C.
Café Patron
The Event was a Hit!
"Hi – I wanted to send a quick note to say Thank You! The event was a hit. The café looked great and was set up well to enable movement. The food was excellent and received many compliments!!! Please give our compliments to the chef!...

Jenny D.
Service and Support Leader
Small Café, Big Flavor
For such a small café, the meals that I get here are outstanding. I just finished the Steak au Poivre and can’t believe something so good is coming from an office building café. The menus are creative and the food is consistently ...

Café Patron
Quality, Variety and Service with a Smile
As an employee of CSC who often tries to eat cheaper and healthier options, I routinely find myself eating at the Café in LF3. I do pack my own lunch several times a week, but whether I was in a rush that day, or supplement with the salad bar...

Café Patron
Many Thanks to the 930 Winter Street Café Team
I want to recognize the superior service and meal we received for our Quality (post-FDA Inspection) celebration luncheon. Stan Pendrak and team did a terrific job of providing a wonderful dining experience; from the decorations (with some help from ...

Café Patron
Special Attention from a Special Staff
Hello, I wanted to drop a line to express my gratitude for the special care I receive from your Lowell team. I am probably the worst person to please because of my food allergies and Scott, Nicole and Clair are absolutely wonderful. They warn me in ...

Café Patron
Compliments to Invista Café Employees
To Whom It May Concern, I wanted to compliment the Café Services employees that run the Café at the Invista location in Wilmington, Delaware. They are GREAT! I can tell that the Chef LOVES what he does. Currently, I am trying to eat he...

Café Patron
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Café Services – Your Plate is Our Passion

Since 1993, Café Services has been providing food services for companies, with a focus on outstanding food, service and real sustainable business value. Today, we serve our refreshing brand of corporate dining to business locations across the eastern US, from New England to the mid-Atlantic.

The Café Services approach is enabled by the trusted experience and motivation of our people — a team of exceptional, culinary and hospitality professionals who share a passion for fresh food. What’s equally remarkable is their unwavering focus on customer service, which is rooted in the Café Services belief that superior service is directly linked to a commitment to treat your food service program as our own.

The difference is a holistic, corporate dining and corporate catering experience that helps our customers achieve a variety of business goals. Whether it’s to promote healthier lifestyles, buy local, increase food service participation, or support green initiatives — Café Services can tailor a corporate dining program that puts the satisfaction of diners and success of your business, first.

Contact us to learn how Café Services can benefit your company by delivering comprehensive corporate dining and corporate catering services that include innovative cuisine, custom menus, health and wellness programs, cafeteria design management and more.