Corporate Dining
Corporate Dining

Variety, local sourcing, custom menus, healthy options, creative chefs – that's corporate dining your way!

On-Site Catering
On-Site Catering

Daily catering, special event catering, executive catering, any event, any size, we'll make you shine!

Micro Markets
Micro Markets

Micro markets provide a variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverages made on-site available 24×7.

Event Management
Event Management

We can manage every aspect of your event, small or large, onsite or off, you can count on Café Services.

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

Our dietitians and chefs provide an all-encompassing approach to health & wellness.

Local Sourcing
Local Sourcing

We locally source the freshest fruits and vegetables through partnerships with local farms in every region we're in.


A great addition to your corporate cafeteria providing healthy beverages and snacks for employees on the go.

Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives

Our products are made from recycled, compostable and chlorine-free reusable materials.

Cafeteria Design
Cafeteria Design

We offer the professional expertise and resources to support your project from design to implementation.

Top Food Management Company

Corporate Dining Services Since 1993

Café Services® has provided corporate dining services with a focus on excellence in food, service and sustainable business value since 1993.

Among the top food management companies in the country, we serve our refreshing brand of corporate food services to business locations across the eastern U.S. region. 

The best employers throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland depend on commercial food service companies like Cafe Services®.

These organizations know that company food services affect the image of their brands. Our business cafeteria and office campus dining perks such as office coffee bars are loyalty enhancement tools.

Our difference from other corporate dining companies is our dining services management experience and solutions that help our customers achieve a variety of business goals.

Your Local Cafeteria Food Service Experts

New Hampshire: 749 E Industrial Park Drive, Dept CS, Manchester, NH 03109

Massachusetts: 201 Washington Street, One Boston Place, Suite 2608, Boston, MA 02108

Connecticut: 615 West Johnson Avenue, Suite 202F, Cheshire, CT 06410

New York: 90 State Street, Suite 700E, Albany, NY 12207

Pennsylvania: 1700 Market Street, Suite 1005 Office A-57, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Maryland: 2275 Research Boulevard, Suite 500-1, Rockville, MD 20850

“The Micro Markets implemented by Café Services at our facility have been extremely beneficial for our more than 1800 manufacturing employees.  We are a 24/7 operation with multiple shift schedules.  Being able to quickly and easily purchase both hot and cold food, as well as having access to a variety of snack and drink options is extremely convenient.  The payment kiosks are also easy to utilize.  Any questions or issues have been quickly handled by the Café Services staff. We have received nothing but positive comments on this addition to our traditional cafeteria service, and plan to continue with this method of providing quick, healthy and convenient food options at our facility.”

Kathy S. – Sr. Director Human Resources
Best Corporate Cafeteria Vendors

Among the Best Cafeteria Management Companies in the U.S.

Café Services has a reputation among the best corporate cafeteria vendors in the country. This evolution stems from the passion and effort our professionals bring to everything we do.  

Our dedicated staff support the company culture and expectations of each client.     

Among corporate cafeteria management companies, people respect the efforts of each chef, dietitian, dining program manager, and food provider on our team. 

Our servers take pride in helping businesses promote healthier lifestyles, buy local, increase cafeteria foodservice participation, and support green initiatives

Bottom line:  Café Services® can tailor a corporate dining program that puts the satisfaction of diners and the success of your business, first.

Corporate Food Services

Corporate Food Services – Our Customized Suite of Business Dining Services

Corporate Dining Services 

Outsourcing food services for your facility has never been easier.  Café Services® is the contract food service provider for customers in hundreds of workplace locations.

Beyond traditional corporate cafeteria services, our café services and food management company offerings improve your image and bolster your bottom line. 

Learn more about our Corporate Dining Services

Micro Markets & Contactless Food Service

Extend your corporate food service beyond the cafeteria with a workplace micro market.

As a contactless retail space, a market serves as a self-serve cafeteria or canteen. Our professional servers stock it daily with fresh offerings such as breakfast and lunch options, snacks, beverages, and convenience products.  Unattended kiosks use modern technology to accept credit cards.

Micro markets, which are essentially convenience kiosks, is one way of building guests’ workplace loyalty.  People value any applications for on-site access to meals, snacks, and practical products and services.   Café Services® professionals design and manage convenience kiosks in office buildings. 

Products include personal care necessities, news stand items, office supplies and more.  Services such as dry cleaning and automated teller machines are also popular with office team members.

Learn the benefits of our Micro Markets Service.

Grab and Go Convenience

Vending Services

Beyond the employee cafeteria, your staff will appreciate the grab and go convenience of canteen style access to quality brand snack options, beverages and more.

As an experienced café vendor, we customize our vending services to complement your food service management programs. 

Learn how our corporate dining service can be enhanced with custom Vending Services.

Cafeteria Design and Construction Oversight

Does your on site dining café need a new cuisine layout, traffic flow, or design update? Our seasoned cafeteria design consultants are professionals whose expertise is cafeterias.  As cafeteria food service providers, they study kitchen design and dining service development.

Let us design dining facility food service solutions that fit your building, space and budget.

Learn more about our Cafeteria Design Services

Office Refreshment Services

Our refreshment programs provide quality brands of office coffee and beverages.  We work to satisfy the preferences of employers and employees using contemporary technologies. 

Learn more about our Office Refreshment Services

Onsite Corporate Catering Services

Businesses value our world class culinary service catering and operations expertise because it supports their corporate goals.    

We create extraordinary dining experiences that cater to all budget levels.  Our cuisine and menus feature innovative presentation and flavor.

We focus on every aspect of the dining experience to gain positive results for organizations. This proven approach to dining services excellence ranks us among the top foodservice companies in the U.S.  

Learn more about our Corporate Catering Services

Event Management
Event Management

Your chef and café services team are your on-staff consultants for everything culinary! You gain time to focus on the purpose of your event, and don’t waste your energy on planning. 

In-house event management also ensures culinary control and protects food safety. We customize each customer’s corporate dining services to mirror their brand presentation.

Examples of business event catering occasions include business lunches; conferences; staff assemblies; meetings of executives; team milestone celebrations, and more.

Learn more about our Event Management Service

The Café Services® Company Cafeteria Experience 

Our cafeteria services model enhances the customer experience for businesses who provide meals for employees. Examples of this model include just-in-time cooking practices, use of vendors with social responsibility, and others on our list of culinary commitments

Hospitality Based Cafeteria Service

Our wide variety of menu choices include freshly prepared:

  • Breakfast food options and many types of home style, scratch-made baked goods
  • Lunch choices that indulge the needs & wants of vegans, vegetarians and omnivores 
  • Dining options that accommodate food allergies & conditions like diabetes
  • Beverages ranging from premium types of coffee, tea, soft drinks and bottled water
  • Delicious cuisine from world culture (Indian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc.)

In many cases, we transition clients from competitors like national corporate food vendors. 

That’s because data driven generic corporate cafeteria companies cannot devote the amount of attention, ideas, and flexible local control to their café management process.

Restaurant Style Food and Products

Chefs in our kitchens are all cooking with care for your employees’ health and wellness. 

Our dietitians ensure elimination of trans fats, and promote ingredients like healthy grains, fresh vegetables, fruits and locally sourced produce whenever possible.

Locally Sourced Ingredients 

We source fresh food, ingredients and products for restaurants from local partners. These partnerships with farms and others decrease cost for customers, as we gain the buying power of national prices on the local level.  Local sourcing in each state we service with food service management programs also minimizes food waste and maximizes accountability.

Self Service Cafeteria Options

Fresh from our on-site kitchen, we stock our micro markets daily with many more foods than people expect from a corporate dining service.

Online Ordering Tools and Options

Our online ordering system lets employees order breakfast, lunch, and beverages via their smartphones.  They also enjoy the opportunity to place repeat orders for pickup or (in some cases) delivery in the building.

Customized Health and Wellness Programs 

Cafe Services® wellness programs feature solutions for employees’ health needs.  

Our registered dietitians and chefs work to complement your workplace wellness offerings.  We provide healthy foods and customize a process in the form of training and incentives that produce results.

Your staff gains a variety of dining concepts and engagement programs that support healthy lifestyles.  Our Director of Wellness oversees all wellness efforts.

Benefits of Our Food Service Company 

Contract Food Service Companies Reduce Subsidy with Increased Employee Participation

When employee participation in your caféservices offerings is high, your firm can offer subsidized meals at cost effective prices that keep costs low.

Learn more about the benefits of a corporate subsidized cafeteria

Convenience of Corporate Cafeteria Vendors Increases Employee Productivity 

Benefits like on-site corporate cafeteria services increase team performance & productivity. 

Employers may offer subsidized meals to employees through a subsidized cafeteria or specific subsidized meals.  These practices honor diners’ preferences and respect their individual needs and lifestyles.

Employee Cafeteria Benefits Attract Quality Employees 

Employee cafeteria benefits are ways that employers can improve their corporate image and attract job seekers with top talent and energy. These team members’ loyalty enhances employers’ bottom line success.

Quality Food Service Providers Improve Employee Health and Morale 

A dedicated employee food service is proven to enhance staff members’ wellbeing. This opportunity increases the morale of all employees - from executives to office staff.

Contact us to learn how Café Services® can benefit your organization with comprehensive corporate dining services and catering services.  The large national food service vendors cannot match our proven business model of local innovative cuisine, custom menus, and full-service support that exceeds expectations.

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