Our Philosophy

ourphilosophy1.jpgQuality plus value and service: They go hand-in-hand.

At Café Services, we firmly believe that bringing satisfying meals to business diners goes hand-in-hand with delivering great value and service to business clients.  Simply said, it’s our passion. And since 1993, we’ve been exceeding expectations with our fresh, restaurant-quality food; creative menu choices; and an extraordinary focus on service from everyone in our family-owned food service management organization. 

Our mission: Treating your food service management program as our own.

From our experienced, locally based management to the warm and efficient professionals that serve you every day, Café Services makes it a mission to treat your food service management program as our own. It’s no wonder we’re the preferred corporate food service provider to over 225 locations across the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions. 

To learn more, take a closer look at our people, our clients, our management team and our community and charitable works.