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About Executive Chef Larry F.

I’ve been born and bred corporate dining and corporate catering from the very beginning of my career in the Silicon Valley and now, since 2001 in the Boston Metro Area. While working my way up through the ranks, all the experience has led up to my current position as the Corporate Executive Chef for Café Services, based out of Manchester, NH. I have the privilege to be able to utilize creativity, research and technology to dream up our company’s new culinary programs and custom menus for corporate cafeteria clients and bring them to life. Café Services supplies the resources to ensure success of our ever-evolving companywide culinary initiatives and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. Seeing the success of new programs in the field is my motivation. It’s a win win.

Brighton Marine Catering

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It was a proud day! Yesterday's VIP Catering event at Brighton Marine included 200 guests of dignitaries and veterans. We had a very well equipped kitchen tent which led into an air conditioned tent for the ceremony and presentation. It [...]

Campfire Themed Office Party

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Our clients wanted a campfire themed party, so we thought S'mores would be great! We had four stations, a sweet & salty station, a caramel station, a nutty buddy station and a strawberries & crème station. Jason toasted all 700 [...]

Board of Directors Meeting at Brighton Marine

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We cooked for the Board of Directors at Brighton Marine. We made Parmesan crusted tilapia, citrus honey chicken, lemony orzo chicken soup, toasted walnut Gorgonzola pear salad, house made focaccia, and all house made desserts: crème brule, chocolate mousse pots [...]

New Facility Meeting YMCA Lynn, Massachusetts

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The YMCA of Lynn, Massachusetts is building a brand new facility and the purpose of their meeting was to discuss how to move forward with their plans. We served approximately 100 guests at the meeting and provided a variety of [...]

Bridal Tea at Unifirst in Wilmington, Massachusetts

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Sharing today's win at Unifirst! One of the administrators challenged me to come up with an afternoon Bridal Tea for the owner who is getting married. We served fresh fruit trays, a mock champagne toast of blackberry lemonade with fresh [...]

Taste of Dublin St. Patty’s Day Celebration at City Point

By |2018-09-21T18:30:22+00:00March 19th, 2018|Categories: Holiday Parties|Tags: , |

Our St. Patrick's Day celebration a "Taste of Dublin" at City Point! We served organic wild greens, topped with goat cheese, orange segments and candied pecans dressed with whole grain mustard and honey, carrot and pear bisque, mushroom tart, Brussels [...]

Burger Bar at Verizon, Waltham, Massachusetts

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Everyone was very excited about the burger bar, so many options to choose from! The specialty was a quarter pound hand-pressed burger, topped with avocado, bacon, tomato jam and black pepper mayonnaise. Everyone really loved the hand cut fries.