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‘Locavorism’ Takes Root At Café Services Corporate Dining Locations

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‘Locavorism’ Takes Root At Café Services Corporate Dining Locations

The ‘farm-to-fork’ dining trend has been going strong in U.S. households and restaurants for a while. But now it’s taking root at Café Services corporate dining locations across the eastern U.S., including New England and the mid-Atlantic.

“Business diners are more educated about the benefits of local food; and they want options to eat better at work, ” says Matt Stone, Café Services Vice President of Business Development.

But for many diners, knowing the general geographic region where food was grown isn’t enough. They want to know the names of the growers, too.

Champions of ‘locavorism’ before it became trendy, Café Services chefs are happy to cater to this mindset. Steven Minnon, Café Services General Manager at Comcast in Manchester, New Hampshire, posts signage at food stations to promote the names of the farms that supply the local ingredients featured in specific dishes.

He also invites local growers to set up a farmer’s market in the café several times a year — giving employees the convenience of shopping for local fruits and vegetables during their lunch break, and farmers, visibility in more markets.

Local Food Is Good For Business

Photo of vegetables from farmers market

But employees and farmers aren’t the only winners. Minnon says the farmers’ markets tend to trigger more repeat visits to the café — which can lead to higher sales for the employer.

Employers also benefit from a healthier workforce. A growing body of research shows that healthy employees are more productive employees, and put less strain on insurance costs. Local food is good for health, because it retains nutrients longer.

Café Services Helps Shape Farm-to-Fork Trends In Corporate Dining

Working with local vendors that share its commitment to sustainability has always been a Café Services priority. Comcast is just one of many corporate dining customers that relies on Café Services to help it bring fresh, local food to the workplace in creative and convenient ways. Contact us to learn more.

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