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Custom Corporate Food Service: Café Services Provides Companies the Flexibility to Deliver Corporate Dining the Way They Want

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A large electric power industry client in New York state is extremely happy with their new corporate food management service provider, Café Services. As the contract with the prior corporate food company was ending, the NY company sought bids from [...]

5 Top Trends Transforming Food Services for Companies

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It takes a lot more than good food and reliable service to run a successful food service management program for business diners. Many of the culinary trends transforming restaurants and retail food markets—the spread of the foodie culture and interest in sustainability [...]

How to Fuel Happy Employees, High Performance with a Corporate Food Service Subsidy

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Companies like Google and Apple may be as known for their generous corporate food service subsidies as they are for their game-changing contributions to life and work. With many industries facing skilled talent shortages, companies would be wise to learn [...]

How to Prepare a Corporate Food Service Request for Proposal – (RFP)

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Get Better Results: Tips For Writing A Great Food Service Request for Proposal In our 23 years as a corporate dining company, we've seen and responded to a lot of RFPs (requests for proposals). Although it takes a good deal of [...]

The Definitive Guide for Selecting a Food Service Provider for Your Company Cafeteria

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I.Company Cafeteria Provider Introduction Selecting a corporate cafeteria vendor or food service management company is an important strategic decision for your business from several different perspectives. Your chosen cafeteria service provider will not only be in charge of the food [...]

Cafe Services Leads Corporate Dining Management Trends For 2016

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For corporate dining management company, Café Services, looking at annual food trends at the start of the year is more than just a crystal ball gazing exercise. It's part of what we do to help our customers reach a variety [...]

Cafe Services’ Five Top Tips For Throwing A Successful Holiday Office Party

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‘Tis the season when Café Services’ corporate food service management clients in Connecticut and across the northeast show their appreciation for employees and celebrate the year’s accomplishments by throwing a holiday party. The annual corporate holiday party can be a [...]

How to Select the Right Cafeteria Management Partner for Your Company

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Reaching the decision that your place of business needs to outsource all of part of your food or cafeteria management service is just the beginning of a process that culminates in your company's selection of a true partner. Your decision [...]

Why Experts Should Manage Your Food Service Operation

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For corporations, schools, and health care facilities, executives are now being offered the best alternatives they've ever had to improve the quality of their food service operation while, at the same time, reducing their costs.  What's driving this trend?  Food [...]