Café Services Commits to Global Animal Partnership Program

Café Services, Inc., a leading dining management services company specializing in corporate, educational and senior living environments, announces its commitment to adopting policies to improved conditions of broiler chicken welfare by 2024 or sooner.

We will require our chicken suppliers to do the following for 100% of our products: 

-Transition to strains of birds accepted for use by RSPCA or Global Animal Partnership (GAP) based on measurably improved welfare outcomes.

-Providing enriched environments including natural light, hay bales, litter and perches that meet GAP standards

-Reducing stocking density equal to/less than 6lbs/ft2 and prohibit broiler cages per GAP standards

-Rendering bird’s unconscious prior to shackling using Controlled or Low Atmosphere Stunning per GAP standards

-Provide details on compliance to third party auditors for verification

Café Services, Inc. has consistently strived as an industry leader to adopt other sustainable policies and products relative to utilizing locally produced cage-free eggs and to pole caught canned Alabcore tuna.  Going forward, we will work with animal welfare experts, growers, suppliers, competitors and other market participants to identify cost-effective solutions for our industry.

We also know that for an animal welfare policy to be meaningful, it must be transparent and publicly available.