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Café Services Commits to Global Animal Partnership Program

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Café Services Commits to Global Animal Partnership Program Café Services, Inc., a leading dining management services company specializing in corporate, educational and senior living environments, announces its commitment to adopting policies to improved conditions of broiler chicken welfare by 2024 [...]

‘Locavorism’ Takes Root At Café Services Corporate Dining Locations

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The ‘farm-to-fork’ dining trend has been going strong in U.S. households and restaurants for a while. But now it’s taking root at Café Services corporate dining locations across the eastern U.S., including New England and the mid-Atlantic. “Business diners are [...]

FitPicks Expands To Support Changing Workplace Wellness Trends

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Healthy eaters are healthy employees. They’re also more productive employees — a connection that hasn’t been lost on the 70% of US employers that offer some kind of employee wellness program — many of them Café Services corporate dining services [...]

Eat Them In Season: 5 Reasons To Feast on Local Tomatoes At Café Services Business Food Service Management Locations.

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How do you know it’s August in the northeast at a Café Services business food service management location? Just look at the tomatoes. Atop burgers and deli sandwiches, at the fresh salad bar, and in soups, dressings, sauces, quesadillas and [...]

Fresh Strawberries Hit Sweet Spot at Café Services Business Dining Management Locations

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  Few experiences say “June” like sinking your teeth into a juicy, sweet strawberry—whether it’s a pick-your-own or part of a delicious meal at a Café Services business dining management location. Steve Cotoni, regional supervisor at the company’s Maryland business [...]

Café Services Celebrates Earth Day With Ocean-Friendly Seafood Specials

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Corporate Food Service Company Looks To Hook Diners on Sustainable Seafood At Café Services, Earth Day* has long been an opportunity to encourage food choices that not only taste good; but also are healthy and safe for the environment. This year, [...]

During National Nutrition Month And All Year, Café Services Diners “Enjoy The Taste Of Eating Right”

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“Enjoy the taste of eating right” is the theme of National Nutrition Month 2014, a nutrition awareness campaign promoted annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. At 200 West Street café in Waltham, Mass, business diners enjoy [...]