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Japanese Pub Food Promotion at Verizon in Waltham, Massachusetts

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Here are some incredible photos of our corporate dining promotion Izakaya - Japanese pub food.  Chef Robert helped make it a successful event at our Verizon Cafe in Waltham, Massachusetts.  We made teriyaki marinated wings, tempura chicken with coconut sauce [...]

Method: Glaze at Element in Sparks, Maryland

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Amanda and Chef John at Element in Sparks, MD executed a great menu of our promotion, Method: Glaze, for January. Brown sugar garlic glazed chicken, ginger glazed root vegetables, orange glazed sweet potatoes, and savory herb glazed red creamer potatoes [...]

Guest Chef Steve in Waltham, Massachusetts

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City Point’s Guest Chef Series is maintaining its momentum! Our own Director of Culinary, Chef Steve, did an innovative Asian Fusion menu today.  He served Asian chopped salad, pecan panko crusted Faroe Island salmon, braised tofu, soba noodles and short [...]

Check out these pictures from BIC in Shelton, Connecticut!

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What a sharp looking Café! There were so many tasty offerings for the customers to choose from. Who could resist the premium deli sandwich special, carved Statler turkey breast, bacon, brie, and butternut squash hummus on upscale bread? The grill [...]

Weekly Chili Promotion at BBP, Bedford, Massachusetts

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At Bedford Business Park in Bedford, Massachusetts, we served white chili, which is one of our many weekly chili promotions we are featuring this month. The chili base is made with ground turkey. We added avocado, lime juice, queso fresco, [...]

Burger Bar at Verizon, Waltham, Massachusetts

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Everyone was very excited about the burger bar, so many options to choose from! The specialty was a quarter pound hand-pressed burger, topped with avocado, bacon, tomato jam and black pepper mayonnaise. Everyone really loved the hand cut fries.

Our Ramen Promotion at Cafe 930 Waltham, MA

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Here are some photos from our Ramen promotion. We offered pork belly, chicken and tofu for our protein selections. We had radishes, watercress, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, limes, Serrano peppers, peas, onions and snap peas for our clients to pick and [...]

Amazing Job with the Roast Method Station

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Here are some pictures from our Roast Station last week. Amanda did an amazing job cooking and setting up this station. Using the Roast Method, we made citrus sage roasted pork loin with choices of garlicky chive roasted tricolor marble [...]