Customizing Your Plate

Making your Corporate Dining Area the "Place to be!"

Photo of asian cuisine plate

Café Services offers a mouth-watering variety of customized menus to please every palate. From gourmet choices to convenient "grab and go" selections, our special interest food stations provide a multitude of choices featuring healthy and nutritious recipes prepared by on-site trained professional chefs.

Our daily selection of creative entrees and tasty side dishes prepared by our award winning chefs are regularly enhanced by special themed and seasonal celebration menu offerings.

These special menus, for example, may include a Vietnamese Taco Station with Lemongrass Pork or a Cuban Fried Rice Bar, Comfort Food Classics such as Mac and Cheese made to order, to Fall Harvest, Earth Day or other Holiday Celebrations.

Customized menus can also be created to celebrate occasions specific to your company such as anniversaries, employee recognition, a new product roll out, or exceeding sales and profit goals.

Our unique, affordable and special interest food stations include:

Downtown Deli

Photo of a freshly-made, New York style deli sandwich.

Designed to the standards of a fine New York style sandwich shop, our sandwiches, panini’s and wraps are made to order. An extensive array of sliced deli meats from the Thin and Trim line, cheeses and deli salads are available.

No deli is complete without an assortment of fresh baked breads such as delicious fresh baked sliced breads, rolls, croissants, baguettes, pockets and wraps. Top it off with a choice of lettuces or greens, shredded carrots, cucumbers, onions, pickles, peppers, avocado, hummus, mayo or an assortment of mustards and flavored spreads, such as chipotle mayonnaise and jalapeno mustard to your special order sandwich is complete.

Make it a meal by adding a Side Salad such as classic pasta salad or one of our healthy composed salads to accompany each Downtown Deli selection. A daily Downtown Deli or Panini Special is featured at all of our corporate cafeteria locations.

Panini Grill

Photo of panini sandwich

Warm Panini's are always a favorite menu choice for hungry employees. The Panini Grill food station offered by Café Services provides this delicious and affordable option.

Panini's are made to order and can be super-sized on fresh baked breads and grilled with healthy extra Virgin olive oil.

Choices range from grilled Tuscan Chicken with pesto mayonnaise, roasted vegetable with fresh mozzarella, to Italian meats, Kalamata Olives and provolone cheeses. Many other options to suit all taste preferences are also available. Just ask!

Fresh Baked Pizza

Photo of fresh-baked pizza

Café Services offers fresh baked pizzas, calzones and stromboli’s on the menu every day. Prepared onsite using only the freshest ingredients, the variety of delicious combinations is sure to accommodate all employee tastes.

Whole wheat Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Mediterranean Pizza, Steak and Cheese Calzone or Chicken Parmigiana Calzone are just some of the many choices available to your employees.

All menu items can be topped off with an extensive variety of cheeses, fresh meats, vegetables and tomato sauces to complement our daily prepared fresh baked dough.

Micro market fresh food.

Café Express

For those in a rush, Café Services offers an extensive take out menu of "Grab and Go" entrees in our Café Express food station.

Whether for a working lunch at an employee's desk, an impromptu meeting in the conference room, or to take home for dinner after a long day at work, daily prepared, pre-packaged sandwiches, wraps, fruit salads, parfaits, vegetable Crudités and dip or freshly made pita chips are some of the choices readily available.

All entrée items are conveniently prepared for takeout in our environmentally friendly compostable microwavable packaging. For even more convenience and faster service, menu items can be preordered and picked up during regular operating hours.

Signature Cafe

Photo of shrimp dish

The Signature Café food station offers presentation cooking. Watch our trained professional chefs on exhibition while they prepare your special made to order lunch entrée such as classic Pad Thai or Asian Noodle Bowls.

Signature Café’s menus change weekly as well as seasonally in order to incorporate the finest fresh local offerings in their menus.

A sample weekly menu might be Fresh Lemon Baked Haddock, Classic Asian Stir Fry Dishes with Chicken, Beef or Tofu, Chicken or Shrimp Pad Thai, Blackened Coho Salmon with Strawberry Salsa or even Fresh Sushi made to order. The menu is constantly changing according to season, current food trends and employee tastes.

Market Fresh

Photo of a salmon dish made at our corporate dining presentation cooking station.

Our Market Fresh food station encourages healthy eating habits by offering a self- serve Salad Bar.

Whether a meal is needed or just a side will do, choices abound including home-made soups, freshly prepared fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, tofu, salads and homemade or brand name dressings and garnishes.

Complementing these options are fresh baked whole grain breads, pocket breads and a selection of toppings such as Sliced Almonds, Roasted Pecans or Sunflower Seeds. Fresh Fruit, Yogurts, Cereals and Grains are also offered.

Some of the Signature Specialty Salads regularly available may include: Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken or Steak, Antipasto Salad, Grilled Fresh Vegetables, Corn and Black Bean with Quinoa, Edamame Succotash and Middle Eastern Lentil Salad to name a few. Signature Specialty Salads are created fresh daily and are available in various sizes for either cafeteria dining or for takeout back to the office or a meeting room.

Backstreet Grille

The Backstreet Grille food station is a combination of a Breakfast Grill, a Luncheon Grill and a Panini Grill. The Breakfast Grill consists of an A La Carte menu of cooked to order Eggs, Omelets, Pancakes, French Toast, Bacon, Sausage, Ham and Home Fried Potatoes.

Also we offer a variety of specialty Breakfast Fit-Pick choices. Breakfast sandwiches are included in the menu to be cooked to order or picked up for takeout served on a choice of English Muffins, Bagels, Biscuits, Wraps, Flatbreads or Croissants.

The Luncheon Grill provides grilled to order favorites such as our 1/3 lb. hand pressed Angus Burgers, Shaved Steak or Shaved Chicken subs, Grilled Chicken Breast, All Beef Frankfurters, Quesadillas, Chicken Tenders, Grilled Fish and many more choices. Grill side options include a variety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Salads, French Fries, Onion Rings and our Specialty Fripp Chips.

Grill' N Greens

Our Grill’ n Greens concept is a rotating selection of grilled to order Marinated Chicken, Beef Tenderloin Medallions and a rotating selection of seafood on top of Mixed Wild Greens.

In support of sustainable corporate dining, we strive to use seafood sourced responsibly, collaborating with local vendors such as Captain Mardens and our national food supplier Sysco.

You can find a great selection of local and specialty seafood items at our Grill’ N Greens station such as: King Salmon, Ahi Tuna, Maine Lobster Tails and Arctic Char.

Grab and Go

Photo of our made-fresh scones for corporate diners on the go.

In addition, a Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Bar is another option that includes not only fruit and yogurt, but also Homemade Oatmeal, Whole Grain Cereals and Fresh Baked Bagels, Muffins, Scones and Pastries.

In addition to our fresh brewed coffee programs we offer a wide variety of beverage programs.


Corporate dining with Café Services brings taste and variety to your plate. Our uniquely designed food stations will satisfy everyone's palate. From presentation cooking that includes locally grown produce to imported selections to convenient "Grab and Go" choices; there is something for every employee and guest at an affordable price.

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