Green Initiatives

Environmental responsibility in corporate dining is an ongoing priority across Café Services’ partnerships.

Our sustainable practices and green initiatives surpass what most corporate cafeteria management firms do to promote social responsibility.

Sustainable workplace dining practices that distinguish our cafeteria services include strategies to reduce energy consumption and food waste; reuse products and packaging, recycle paper goods and containers, and use green products. In addition to facilitating these efforts on behalf of our clients’ commitment to green initiatives, we also embrace them within Cafe Services’ corporate culture.  Our employees take great pride in supporting a healthy planet and helping to sustain the environment for future generations.  

Eco-friendly dining options and healthy eating programs also demonstrate our health-conscious corporate dining commitment.  Our employees are regularly trained on sustainable corporate dining techniques. 

"Cafe Services sets itself apart with sustainable practices commitments and demonstrated concern for the environment. They have been exceptionally supportive of our company's green dining and green catering initiatives. We are pleased to have partnered with such a great company."

Steve Boulas, Regional Facilities Manager | Autodesk, Inc.

Ways We REDUCE Energy Consumption and Food Waste

The bestcorporate food service providers actively support and participate in clients’ current waste reduction programs while encouraging them to practice other energy conserving and green initiatives where possible. 

Café Services is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Partnership with local food suppliers, energy conservation, and minimizing food waste are key green initiatives at our cafeteria sites. 

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Vendor management and sourcing local producers reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reducing or eliminating the need to transport some food suppliers’ products long distances in freight trucks.

Café Services buys fresh produce from area farmers where available near our client sites.  We also maintain relationships with regional distributors that purchase from local area farms.

At some client sites we set up a farmer’s market in the workplace cafeteria as an employee benefit to enable café patrons to purchase fresh, healthy local produce for their families during or after work hours. 

Reduced Energy Consumption

At corporate dining client sites and in our corporate office, Café Services uses LED light bulbs to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption. 100% recyclable, Mercury-free LED light bulbs use low-voltage power and outlast incandescent bulbs, reducing energy consumption. LED bulb use at our cafeteria facilities saves our clients’ money on electricity and keeps Mercury out of public landfills.  We use Energy Star certified appliances in our corporate office and support their use at our customers’ sites. 

Packaging and Paper Waste Reduction

We buy shelf stable foods and beverages for customer sites in bulk, reducing the amount of packaging required, as well as the cost of these items. Savings are passed on in the form of lower prices. Earth-safe cleaning and serving products also enable us to reduce paper and water waste, pollution and landfill space.

Reduced Food Waste

Our corporate dining facility management teams carefully monitor food quantities prepared on a daily basis to minimize waste. We strive to balance our clients’ overall food requirements with our environmental responsibility to minimize food waste.  

Ways We REUSE Products and Packaging

Café Services encourages and implements eco-friendly dining and green initiatives at our hundreds of office cafeteria locations throughout the eastern U.S. Many clients have earned Green Awards with Café Services’ support. Key initiatives include reuse of packaging, shipping materials, and food waste and cooking oil.

Ways We RECYCLE Paper Goods and Containers

Café Services participates in several recycling programs across our client sites and in our corporate office. Our team is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserving our nation’s natural resources, preventing unnecessary pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that affect global climate change.

Ways we Use GREEN Products in our Corporate Food Programs

We purchase green products whenever possible to prevent the waste of materials that may be recycled, reduce pollution, and conserve natural resources and energy.  Using products made with compostable and recycled materials, and Energy Star certified appliances, Café Services’ comprehensive eco-friendly efforts include using:

  • Energy Star Certified Appliances
  • Recycled Paper Products
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
  • LED Light Bulbs
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