Green Products

If there's one important objective most of our cafeteria management clients share, it's operating a corporate dining service that is not only highly successful, but which is kind to our living environment as well. These important objectives also parallel the top priorities of Cafe Services senior management team. From products made with compostable and recycled materials to Energy Star-rated appliances, Café Services offers a full array of eco-friendly programs and solutions that reduce pollution, save landfill space and minimize the use of precious natural resources, including:

Energy Star Rated Appliances:

Café Services uses Energy Star rated appliances whenever possible at our client's facilities. In order for an appliance to display the government backed energy Star symbol it must meet stringent guidelines for the efficient use of energy thereby reducing the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. The purchase of appliances bearing the Energy Star label demonstrates the commitment of Café Services and our clients toward reducing air pollution, conserving water, and lessening the amount of energy expended at all our locations.

Recycled Paper Products:

To preserve our shrinking and endangered forests and to save on electricity, oil and water, Café Services uses paper products made from recycled, compostable, and chlorine-free renewable materials. This includes napkins, paper ware, cups, bowls, "grab n' go" cups and take-out containers. We have established this as a standard practice at hundreds of our Northeastern and mid-Atlantic States locations.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products:

Café Services offers earth-friendly cleaning solutions to all our food service management clients. These cleaning products include institutional cleaners and maintenance products that are a safer and healthier alternative to many of the other harsher chemical laden industrial cleaners currently available on the market. The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized these cleaners as a leading earth safe solution and they have earned the DFE (Design for the Environment) designation. To earn this designation, the Earth Plus line of cleaners must be biodegradable and free of any aquatic or human toxicity. All of the cleaners we offer meet the highest standards for biodegradability and environmental preservation. Even the storage containers these cleaning fluids come in are partially made from recycled materials. Using these environmentally safe cleaners enables Café Services to responsibly minimize the amount of water used, reduce air pollution, and lessen landfill space.

LED Light Bulbs:

Cafe Services uses LED Light Bulbs to conserve energy. LED Light Bulbs have life spans and electrical efficiency ratings that are several times better than the typical incandescent light bulbs, and far better than most fluorescent bulbs. Because LED light bulbs operate on a low voltage power supply source, they last several years longer than either incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. Importantly, LED light bulbs are 100% recyclable, and are Mercury free. The use of LED Light Bulbs is encouraged at our cafeteria sites and has been implemented in our corporate office in Manchester, NH. This practice saves money on electric bills for our clients, conserves energy and keeps Mercury out of the local landfills.


The health of clients and employees is of the utmost importance to Café Services as is the protection of the environment. We purchase green products whenever possible. Additionally, we strive to prevent the waste of potentially valuable materials that can be recycled while reducing pollution and the consumption of natural resources and energy.