Café Services prides itself on being a good corporate citizen by participating in numerous recycling programs both with our clients and in our corporate office. With various recycling initiatives, our senior management team and employees are committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserving our country's natural resources, preventing unnecessary pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are believed to contribute to global climate change.

A recycling program provides multiple positive benefits for both the local and global environments. Some sources estimate that recycling just one ton of general use office paper can save up to 17 trees, save approx 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and conserve enough energy to service the energy needs of nearly 4,000 people. We're proud to do our part. In addition to purchasing products containing recycled materials, we also:

Recycle Beverage Containers:

Each of our client’s current recycling initiatives are enthusiastically supported by Café Services personnel. All cafeteria sites are equipped with prominently displayed recycling bins with proper labeling for the purpose of quickly sorting bottles and beverage containers for efficient recycling. Café Services can help manage the recycling process at our client sites as well as encourage and introduce additional recycling initiatives where beneficial.

Recycle Packaging:

In partnership with our clients we are committed to recycling food packaging items as well as delivery and shipping packing materials. Pallets and milk crates are returned to suppliers in a timely manner for their reuse. We also endeavor to recycle food waste for use in local gardens or on nearby farms for composting purposes.

Purchasing Recycled Paper Goods:

When available, products made from recycled materials are purchased for our cafeterias. We use napkins made from 100% recycled materials in all our locations and at all the functions we cater. Products such as plates, tumblers and "grab n' go" cups are made from 96% plant and natural fibers without the use of bleach or chemicals. Importantly, these products are biodegradable and compostable.

Recycling at Our Corporate Office:

We have practiced what we preach by implementing green initiatives in our corporate office. Our employees use washable cups, glasses, plates and utensils in our employee dining area. Paper products made from recyclable materials are the preferred choice for purchase when available. Packaging, paper, glass, and cans are recycled and our trash is compacted. All printer cartridges, electronic items and telecommunications equipment are recycled or properly disposed of. Green cleaning products are used.

Recycled Containers:

Our green initiatives extend to the cleaning products we use at our sites. The cleaning products we use are EPA endorsed as earth friendly and are carefully stored in containers made from recycled materials. These products help avoid air pollution and protect the environment by keeping harsh chemicals out of local landfills. Our clients oftentimes give buckets, pails, and lids, which are frequently made from recycled materials, to their employees to be reused around their homes and gardens.


Recycling is an important component of Cafe Services corporate culture and our employees take a great deal of personal pride in their commitment to a healthy planet and helping sustain the environment for future generations. Our employees regularly attend seminars where the newest Green and eco-friendly initiatives are presented. These fresh ideas are strategically implemented where feasible at both our client sites and in our corporate office.