Café Services is committed to reducing our carbon footprint in the local environment by decreasing our consumption of energy and minimizing the production of waste.

"Cafe Services is a company that sets itself apart from the competition with their Green initiatives and their concern for the environment. They have been exceptionally supportive of our company's Green initiatives. We are pleased to have partnered with such a great company."

Steve Boulas
Regional Facilities Manager
Autodesk, Inc.

We actively support and participate in our client's current waste reduction programs while also encouraging them to employ other energy conserving and green initiatives where possible. Some of our current practices include:

Reducing Greenhouse Gases:

Where available near our client sites, Café Services buys fresh produce from local area farmers. Additionally, we work to establish business relationships with regional produce distributors that purchase from local area farms. Oftentimes our cafeteria site managers and chefs personally visit many of these local farms, purchase their produce for our meal offerings, and actively promote them by placing advertising for them in our client's cafeterias. At some of our client sites a farmer’s market is brought into the dining area enabling cafeteria patrons to purchase fresh, healthy, local produce for their families during or after work hours. This program provides important benefits to three entities:

  1. Our client's employees who are provided convenient and easy access to fresh healthy foods while enabling them to support the "Local Movement".
  2. Farmers who benefit from the marketing exposure and gain an additional avenue to sell their crops locally.
  3. The environment by conserving the gallons of fuel needed and reducing the greenhouse gases generated through eliminating the need to transport some food products long distances in freight trucks.

Reducing Energy Consumption:

To help reduce the amount of energy used, Café Services uses long lasting and energy conserving Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs both at our customer sites and in our corporate office. LED light bulbs operate on a low voltage power supply, last many years longer than incandescent bulbs, are 100% recyclable, and are Mercury free, greatly reducing the amount of energy consumed. We encourage this practice at our cafeteria facilities, saving money on electric bills for our clients and keeping Mercury out of landfills.

We use Energy Star appliances in our corporate office and support customers in using them at their sites. Energy Star is a designated label or logo identifying products such as refrigerators, ovens, or dishwashers that have met strict government energy saving standards. These appliances have been proven to use significantly less electricity and water than other models, thus greatly reducing energy consumption while saving money.

Reducing Packaging and Paper Waste:

Shelf stable foods and beverages used at customer sites are bought in bulk thereby reducing the amount of packaging required and reducing the cost of these items. These savings are passed on to the consumer in the form of lower prices. By using earth safe cleaning and serving products we’re able to cut down on paper and water waste as well as air pollution and landfill space.

Reducing Food Waste:

Our corporate cafeteria managers carefully monitor the quantity of food prepared on a daily basis to minimize waste. We strive to balance the overall food requirements of company employees with being responsible for minimizing food waste. This diligence fulfills our eco-friendly objective of minimizing the quantity of food waste that might potentially be disposed of in local landfills and our business objective of controlling the costs of operating a company sponsored cafeteria. Cafe Services has introduced some site specific programs that serve smaller portions at a reduced cost to the employee. This initiative has favorably contributed to lessening food waste.

Introducing a "Seed to Table" Program:

Café Services has partnered with some local schools to establish gardening programs allowing children to participate in the complete food cycle process from "Seed to Table". Café Services provides seeds to these school programs and purchases the harvest for use in the school's cafeteria. Children who participate in the process of growing food, from planting to harvesting, have a greater respect for the food on their plates and are less likely to waste it. We're hopeful this newfound respect extends to their families and future workplaces to reduce overall food waste both now and in the future.


Café Services, Inc. and our clients are committed to reducing the amount of energy and fossil fuels used at our cafeteria sites and minimizing the amount of waste sent to local area landfills.