FitPicks, Balance for a Healthier Lifestyle

2016 Fit Picks Logo

We are listening! Our FitPicks program is "balanced for a healthier you". Aligning with market and consumer trends, our team of leading professional dietitians, chefs and marketing experts have developed not just a program, but an all-encompassing approach to wellness!  This approach allows diners to learn how to eat healthfully through balanced and appealing portions, sound education and exciting promotions.

Photo of healthy vegetables display

Our FitPicks program focuses on the whole employee, by offering abundant and appealing value-packed food choices coupled with health information, transparent communication of nutrient and ingredient facts and educational resources.

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The FitPicks menu selections provide a nutritious balanced option from entrées to global salads and snack packs on a daily basis. Selections are prepared fresh daily, with a unique mix of nutrient dense whole food ingredients, in satisfying portions with a registered dietitian calorie maximum. Something for everyone! 

In addition, our initiative engages and motivates by incorporating the following principles and commitments: 

  • A focus on “eating and satisfaction” rather than on dieting and deprivation
  • Emphasizing the positive, such as the benefits of making healthy choices
  • Providing value, variety and choice
  • Providing synergy between our food, education and promotional programs 

Aligns with our everyday culinary commitments