Maryland Corporate Cafeteria Management

Café Services' Rockville, Maryland Office

1 Research Court, Suite 450
Rockville, MD 20850
Ph: (443) 296-8660

Just outside our nation’s capital, Rockville, Maryland is the site of Café Services’ mid-Atlantic, regional office for business dining management. Straddling the Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, Rockville, Maryland is central to Café Services’ growing market of business diners in a service region that spans MarylandDelawarePennsylvania and Virginia.

Maryland's Corporate Dining Services Team

One of America’s leading small cities for work and quality of life, Rockville is a hub for the life sciences and technology industries and near world-class institutions including Johns Hopkins University, the National Institutes of Health and Goddard Space Flight Center.

Maryland has everything to spark the imagination of a Café Services chef—like famous local cuisines, culture, history, sports legends, and awe-inspiring landscapes from the sparkling Chesapeake Bay to marshlands, farm country, rolling hills and pine-forested mountains on the state’s western border.

The country’s most densely populated state, Maryland is home to dynamic and hardworking people that make their lively hoods in technology, professional services, government administration, manufacturing and food production.

Sports fans, nature lovers, thinkers and doers—business diners in Maryland evoke the energy and creative spirit we thrive on at Café Services. It inspires our talented chefs to be at their best and feeds the passion for excellence that’s long been a hallmark of our business cafeteria management service.

Cafe Services Crab Roll

Local Food

Maryland is a food lover’s haven with a variety of local specialties. From fertile farms and dairies to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean comes a rich bounty of fresh ingredients.

Best known for its famous blue crab, Maryland is a big source of fresh catches including oysters, striped bass and menhaden; as well as land crops such as cucumbers, watermelons, sweet corn, tomatoes, muskmelons, squash and peas.

At Café Services, our chefs our masters at preparing crab every which way—as a tasty crab cake, topping a salad, in a rich Maryland crab soup or steamed and sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning.

Visit a Café Services Maryland business dining room in summer, and you may be treated to a crab or crawfish boil or delicious, drippy cheesesteak served Philadelphia-style with Cheez Whiz. ® For our Italian food lovers (and who isn’t one), there’s our Italian pork sandwich made from tender braised pork and topped with sharp Provolone cheese and sautéed broccoli rabe.

Corporate Dining Salmon

Local Vendors

Like us, Café Services diners in the mid-Atlantic feel it’s important to know where their food comes from. They know that the shorter the distance from source to food, the better the flavor and nutritional value.

At Café Services, we work with vendors that share our commitment to sustainability and quality.

Our primary purveyors in Maryland and nearby states source their fresh fish, proteins and seasonal produce from local fisheries and farms. They ship their products to our business locations with UPC codes that enable us to easily create display labels, informing diners how and where the food was produced.

Local Talent

Few know how to bring out the best in fresh, local ingredients than a locally trained chef or food lover raised on local specialties.

At Café Services, we recruit heavily from regional institutions in Maryland and nearby Mid-Atlantic states to staff our kitchens and dining rooms with local talent.

One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned in our many years in the cafeteria management service business is that what goes around comes around.

That’s why we make it a priority to treat our people well by giving them ownership of their ideas and investing in their success. It comes back to us in the form of dedicated culinary professionals and service providers who take pride in their work and constantly strive to do more.

Our diners tell us it makes all the difference.

Corporate Dining
Corporate Dining

Variety, local sourcing, custom menus, healthy options, creative chefs – that's corporate dining your way!

On-Site Catering
On-Site Catering

Daily catering, special event catering, executive catering, any event, any size, we'll make you shine!

Micro Markets
Micro Markets

Micro markets provide a variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverages made on-site available 24×7.

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

Our dietitians and chefs provide an all-encompassing approach to health & wellness.

Local Sourcing
Local Sourcing

We locally source the freshest fruits and vegetables through partnerships with local farms in every region we're in.

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Cafeteria Design

We offer the professional expertise and resources to support your project from design to implementation.