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NY Corporate Cafeteria Management

It’s clear why companies throughout New York State trust Café Services as their dedicated business dining management partner.

Known as the Empire State, New York’s concise yet compelling motto is Excelsior, meaning “ever-upward”. 
Café Services embodies this motto by delighting corporate diners with ever-expanding opportunities to experience the local flavors of their unique communities and regions across the state.

Our professional chefs embrace local food traditions and inspire new ones as they create delicious cuisine that boosts the productivity and morale of business diners throughout each local office campus we serve.

New York’s iconic slogan, I Love New York, promotes the variety and depth of New York’s cultural, economic, and geographic diversity.  Café Services loves New York, too – and our clients love how our dining service management teams echo their passion for fresh, flavorful, locally-sourced food that’s authentically prepared and professionally served.  

NY Corporate Dining Power Bowl

The state attracts businesses with the competitive advantage of a strong economic climate. Café Services helps businesses attract and retain employees by providing quality professional dining services and corporate catering support that represent valuable employee benefits.

The state’s capital, Albany, and surrounding areas are home to employers including leading technology firms, world-class teaching hospitals, and private universities such as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  

In this business-friendly environment, companies and institutions thrive when they nurture their employees, figuratively and literally.  Café Services nurtures employees with on-site access to fresh meals, coffee and snacks prepared in our kitchens daily by talented chefs, and served by hospitality professionals.

Billy Joel’s iconic song, New York State of Mind, may not specifically allude to foodservice, but employees who gain the benefit of pre-ordering their fresh hot coffee, breakfast, lunch, and to-go dinner meals from Café Services are definitely singing the praises of their employers.

Roast Beef Club Sandwich

Local Food

Some foods famously associated with New York include: New York-style pizza, cheesecake, bagels, and even hot dogs with condiments ranging from sauerkraut, to onions, sweet relish, and mustard.

Business diners in each region have their own distinct food preferences, often based on the availability of fresh local produce and grains that Café Services chefs expertly transform into restaurant-quality meals.  

From the family-owned apple orchards in New York’s North Country, to the peach orchards in Rochester, to vegetable farms throughout Binghamton and the Southern Tier, to the grape and cherry growers of the Finger Lakes, each region features a rich variety of seasonal produce.  

Café Services corporate cafeterias feature fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit from local farms; savory and sweet breads and desserts from local bakeries; and milk, cheese and yogurt from local dairy farms.

The vibrant diversity of ethnicities in each location we serve represents opportunities for Café Services chefs to customize menus and create mouthwatering meals that honor local and regional food traditions.

Corporate Dining Asian Salad

Local Vendors

Our team works with local wholesale food providers who share Café Services’ commitment to quality and community support.  We prioritize partners who value sustainable practices to harvest healthy local foods.

Café Services menus proudly feature the names of the local farms, dairies, and bakeries that supply the fresh ingredients that we passionately cook, bake and prepare for our clients’ staff, guests, and families.

Our business diners appreciate these opportunities for local healthy food connection and consumption.  Everyone in our kitchens – from chefs to grill cooks to deli attendants – value our connections with local and trusted food vendors, as it allows them the flexibility to create fresh, appealing menus.

Homemade Cookies

Local Talent

Our local team members who staff the kitchens, dining rooms, and micro markets of our Café Services business locations thoroughly enjoy serving their community neighbors. 

That’s because we recruit and hire only ambitious, motivated team members who are passionate about their careers in foodservice and hospitality.  All members of our Café Services staff – from general managers to foodservice directors, chefs, deli attendants, grill cooks and cashiers – feel valued and appreciated by how much we invest in their success.  We offer comprehensive hospitality, foodservice, and food-safety training, as well as a generous benefit package.

Corporate Dining
Corporate Dining

Variety, local sourcing, custom menus, healthy options, creative chefs – that's corporate dining your way!

On-Site Catering
On-Site Catering

Daily catering, special event catering, executive catering, any event, any size, we'll make you shine!

Micro Markets
Micro Markets

Micro markets provide a variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverages made on-site available 24×7.

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

Our dietitians and chefs provide an all-encompassing approach to health & wellness.

Local Sourcing
Local Sourcing

We locally source the freshest fruits and vegetables through partnerships with local farms in every region we're in.

Cafeteria Design
Cafeteria Design

We offer the professional expertise and resources to support your project from design to implementation.