Cafe Services Caters To Diners On Gluten-Free Diets At Massachusetts Corporate Food Service Cafe

Gluten-free diets are becoming more popular. Café Services has noticed and takes special care to cater to diners who can’t tolerate gluten, a combination of proteins found in wheat and other grains like rye and barley.

At the Arbella Insurance corporate food service café near Boston, Massachusetts, Café Services Chef/Manager Jay always offers a gluten-free alternative to the daily special. If he’s serving a crouton-topped Chicken Caesar salad, for example, he’ll also prepare a crouton-free option in a bowl that hasn’t been exposed to gluten.

Salads are standard fare in gluten-free diets. To give gluten-intolerant diners more variety, Jay and his associate, Jeff use gluten-free ingredients in other Café Services favorites such as chocolate chip cookies, clam chowder, cream of mushroom soup and chili.

Gluten-free diners at Arbella appreciate the extra effort. Says Jay, “People with gluten sensitivities get tired of eating salads all the time. Diners thank me all the time for making their lunch break more interesting. It brightens their day.”

Gluten is used as a thickener in soups, broths, gravies and sauces. It’s also a flavor enhancer. To retain the same consistency and taste in his gluten-free alternatives, Jay substitutes regular flour with gluten-free flour or cornstarch.

For Jay, it’s a simple fix. Gluten-free flour is easier to work with than regular flour. And the food looks and tastes just as good. Most important, keeping gluten-intolerant diners satisfied and healthy is the Café Services way.

“Café Services stakes its reputation on catering to every customer,” says Jay. “That includes people with special preferences for healthy or ethnic meals, and people whose health suffers when exposed to gluten. It’s what we do.”