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Corporate Dining Chef

For Pennsylvania businesses seeking quality, cost-effective business dining and catering solutions, Café Services is the natural choice of corporate dining management service providers.

Firms throughout the eastern U.S. partner with Café Services to gain proven business dining programs that benefit their employees and bolster their success. 

Known as the Keystone State, Pennsylvania’s state motto is Virtue, liberty, and independence. 

Café Services knows the value of independence.  We’re an independently-owned regional corporate dining services firm run by actively-involved owners and foodservice hospitality experts.  Since 1993, we’ve earned our reputation for providing outstanding foodservice value for our clients’ corporate cafeteria investment.

Our confidence in the value we bring to the corporate dining table is reinforced by our clients’ feedback.  For example, many of our current clients had originally contracted with national-brand foodservice vendors, only to be disappointed in the lackluster food and generic, impersonal service they received.

Searched Chicken

Everyone on our local Café Services teams – from foodservice directors to general managers to professional chefs, grill cooks, and deli attendants – passionately create and serve quality meals made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients in our impeccable kitchens.   

From Pittsburgh to Allentown, and Mansfield to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is steeped in history. Philadelphia hosted the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the drafting of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.  The state also boasts the nation’s first oil well, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  

The Brandywine Valley town of West Chester is where Commodore International, the personal computer pioneer, maintained its headquarters from the late 1970s through the early 90s.  Today, the town is deemed “one of the world's most perfect small towns” by the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Tofu Veggie Wrap

Local Food

Pennsylvania has many regional variations in culture and ethnicities with distinct food preferences and traditions.  Café Services chefs, who are each from the local towns and cities where they work, embrace the opportunity to share their culinary talents.

Our professional foodservice hospitality teams take pride in personalizing the menus, service and staff at each Café Services corporate cafeteria and micro market we support.

Local Vendors

Café Services maintains strong relationships with the local food producers and wholesalers from whom we source the fresh ingredients to feature in Café Services locally-customized menus.  

Yes, our procurement specialists and chefs really do know and support their local butchers and bakers – and perhaps even the candlestick makers!  (In fact, the Kutztown, PA Folk Festival traditionally features craft candlestick makers.) 

Our clients can rest assured that their breakfast entrees, coffee, lunch specials, mid-afternoon snacks, and take-home grill boxes feature ingredients that are fresh, local, sustainably-sourced, and expertly prepared.

Stir Fry Noodle Dish

Local Talent

Café Services clients value the genuine passion and dedication of each of our local team members.  

We recruit, hire, and train only people who are serious about a career in foodservice and dining hospitality. 

From our kitchen staff to dining room staff to the hospitality experts who stock our micro markets – everyone enjoys their work serving business diners because our company values and rewards their efforts.
Although the smiles, complements, and positive feedback they receive every day from the people they serve are also very rewarding!

Corporate Dining
Corporate Dining

Variety, local sourcing, custom menus, healthy options, creative chefs – that's corporate dining your way!

On-Site Catering
On-Site Catering

Daily catering, special event catering, executive catering, any event, any size, we'll make you shine!

Micro Markets
Micro Markets

Micro markets provide a variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverages made on-site available 24×7.

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

Our dietitians and chefs provide an all-encompassing approach to health & wellness.

Local Sourcing
Local Sourcing

We locally source the freshest fruits and vegetables through partnerships with local farms in every region we're in.

Cafeteria Design
Cafeteria Design

We offer the professional expertise and resources to support your project from design to implementation.