Contactless Corporate Dining Food Services

Today’s critical need for professionally managed contactless corporate dining makes Café Services your best choice in corporate cafeteria companies. Our contactless food services are designed to support your employees and protect your brand by averting health threats such as Coronavirus.  We’ve expanded the touchless food service programs our clients currently enjoy with an even wider variety of safe and innovative no-contact food service options.

Contactless Corporate Dining Food Services

Chef Vanessa preparing stone fruit cobbler in contactless, tamper evident packaging

Below you’ll discover how our enhanced safety protocols and convenient contactless food service options can enhance the guest experience, lift employee morale, and boost productivity.

You’ll learn how we partner with you to understand your goals and design flexible dining options that national-brand corporate cafeteria management companies simply cannot offer.

Your employees can begin their day or week with contactless ordering and digital payment for fresh, on-site prepared corporate boxed lunches and pre-packed meals, coffee and snacks.  They can also access onsite freshly-stocked office micro markets and enjoy touchless corporate catering with convenient digital delivery. They can use touchless checkout to preorder build-your-own meal kits for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, plus groceries and produce for contactless pick up as they leave the office.

The article, Coronavirus Food Safety: How Café Services is Protecting Corporate Diners & Employees
further outlines how Café Services is ensuring foodservice confidence for our business clients and their teams as they return to offices during COVID-19 and beyond.

Contactless Food Service

Chef Cory packaging hors’ d oeuvres for a social distanced roof top corporate catered reception.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Corporate dining food safety has always been our team’s top priority at Café Services. In addition to our   existing food safety practices, we are mitigating the risks of COVID-19 with several enhanced safe food service measures to protect our staff and yours.

Our dedicated Director of Safety leads our Client Safety Team in consistently reviewing and revising our stringent safe food service protocols to exceed CDC guidelines.

Our safety protocols are dictated according to CDC guidelines, but also according to our clients’ desires.  We continuously pivot to accommodate client needs and are flexible/nimble enough to accommodate their wishes.

Café Services Stringent Foodservice Safety Protocols

    • Interactive ServSafe safety training for café staff
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks, safety glasses, single-use gloves, aprons, and hair restraints such as hats, caps, and hair nets
    • Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
    • COVID-19 Safety Signage supports social distancing in the cafeteria to limit physical contact
    • Consistent health monitoring of café employees and patrons:
      • Daily temperature checks with touchless thermometers
      • Weekly COVID-19 Declaration of Health
    • Safety Barriers such as plexiglass shields and safety glass minimize staff & café patron contact
    • QR Code with answers to FAQs about foodservice offerings and safety
    • Maintain a roster of corporate cafeteria visitors in support of contact tracing as-needed
Touchless Food Service

One touch service provided for a large group of utility workers during a recent storm.

Food Service Safety Education and Resources

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) celebrates Food Safety Education Month every September to promote food safety education resources for consumers. In 2020, ServSafe, the food safety training and certification program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, marked the event for food service operators, employees, and the greater industry with the theme Managing Foodservice Risk: 30 Years of Safety. ServSafe provided educational tools such as top food safety tips, techniques, and best practices to help foodservice operators keep employees and diners safe and healthy throughout the year. Weekly themes included personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitation, safe food preparation, food safety procedures, and COVID-19 safety procedures.

Contactless Pickup Corporate Dining

Grab n' go entrees for scan and go service in one of our markets.

National Guidelines for Safe Corporate Dining

The FDA provides these foodservice safety resources on its page titled Best Practices for Re-Opening Retail Food Establishments During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Café Services also follows the science-based guidelines of the FDA Food Code as they pertain to safe food handling in support of a robust food safety culture.  In particular, sanitation and personal hygiene protocols are the most reliable for mitigation of risks and stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Food Code Requirements Applicable to Coronavirus Mitigation:

    • Prohibit sick employees from working
    • Follow strict hand-washing protocols
    • Perform regular surface cleaning and sanitizing
    • Ensure the corporate cafeteria leader is a Certified Food Safety Manager
    • Ensure the manager in charge is on site during all operating hours

The National Restaurant Association provides reopening guidance and checklists for employers in its COVID-19 Reopening Guide for the Restaurant Industry.  Topics include food safety, cleaning and sanitizing, monitoring employee health and hygiene, social distancing, and other best practices.

Other Considerations for Returning to Work During COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control offers guidance for employers regarding considerations for returning to work as well as what you need to know about food and COVID-19.

Contactless Corporate Dining Services From Meal Ordering to Checkout

We know that your firm’s corporate dining needs are unique to your facility and culture, so we design contactless solutions that support your team’s wellbeing and productivity.  Our flexible, collaborative approach consistently exceeds what clients expect of a corporate cafeteria company.

Contactless Ordering

Customer interface of our online ordering app.

Touchless Digital Ordering and Preordering

Café Services offers several convenient methods of contactless ordering of everything from coffee to snacks to complete lunches featuring fresh, in-house prepared cuisine served with high-quality condiment brands that your employees trust and appreciate.

Staff members can digitally order their food from anywhere on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer using our user-friendly POS program.  They simply receive a text when it’s ready for contactless pickup.  We also provide unattended kiosks in the retail micromarkets integrated into our cafes, from which staff members can securely purchase meals and enjoy contactless checkout.

Contact Free Payment

Touchless payment methods for corporate dining include preloaded/prepaid keychain FOBs; tap-and-go smartphone payment; and chip-enabled credit card payment at our user-friendly self-checkout point of sale kiosk; as well as touchless checkout via our online ordering application, customized for guests to safely and conveniently order and pay for meals from their own device.  Many of our clients provide their teams with free or company subsidized coffee and other items that they can easily order online, to be ready at pre-scheduled times, or on-demand.

Customizable Contactless Menus

We work with employers to customize contact-free menus that offer their employees and guests a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees, sides, and beverages.  Employees appreciate our well-organized and attractively-presented digital menus featuring full-color photos and various levels of company subsidized items.

Contactless Corporate Dining Success Profile:

Arbella Insurance - Corporate Office | Quincy, MA

Arbella employees appreciate the opportunity to order meals for preparation on-demand, as well as up to 5 days in advance, which enables convenient scheduling around meetings and events.

Our contactless menu, branded with the Arbella logo, features full-color photos of various items, with attractive listings and suggested modifiers such as side dishes, condiments and more.

Many people also pre-order their coffee and breakfast ahead for the day or week, to be ready for them as they come into work each morning.  They simply proceed to an expedited pre-order pickup station where their coffee, breakfast sandwich, etc. is carefully packaged into tamper-evident packaging with their name on it, and placed in alphabetical order by last name for fast and convenient pickup on their way to their work station.

Pre-packaged Corporate Dining Meals

Corporate boxed lunches for a socially distanced corporate catering event.

Prepackaged Meals for Contactless Corporate Dining Pickup or Delivery

Pre-packed meals, snacks, and drinks can be ordered on-demand or preordered for scheduled pickup with no human contact.  We also regularly-stock our open air screen coolers with freshly-prepared packaged meals barcoded for scan-and-go convenience at cashless, contactless checkout kiosks.

Corporate Boxed Lunches

Safely-packaged items for a corporate catered deli luncheon.

Corporate Boxed Lunches

Your office staff will appreciate the opportunity to order or access individually boxed meals, freshly prepared in our on-site kitchen and bakery, available with their choice of homestyle side dishes and quality brand-name chips and condiments. Everything is professionally-packed in upscale containers and attractively presented in tamper-evident packaging.

Take Home Meal Kits

We worked with our teams to pivot and brainstorm innovative take-home meal options to save our clients’ staff members a trip to the grocery store and help them avoid potential exposure in the COVID-19 environment.

Pre-Packed Meals

Take home meal kit containing components for an upscale brunch for two.

Drawing upon our catering expertise, we now offer a variety of signature take-home meal kits that enable clients to customize an upcoming meal in a box with family-style portions of their favorite foods.  For example, Grill Boxes are popular Café Services take home meal kits.  Essentially a “cookout in a box”, our grill boxes contain uncooked, ready-to-grill proteins sold by the pound such as filet mignon, steak tips, chicken, and burger blend, plus a wide variety of side dishes (salads, grains, etc.), all safely packaged and ready to take home and put in the refrigerator until it’s time to grill.

This expanded program has resulted in a new level of convenience for teams across the locations we serve.  Employees enjoy the opportunity to sample what’s offered in take home meal kits and grill packs by ordering and tasting our daily specials, advertised as “this week’s featured build-your-own grill box/kit”. They can then purchase a kit that serves 4-6 people, or customize a kit with whatever they desire.

In addition to grill packs, we offer other event or seasonal kits, such as:

      • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Brunch Boxes – (Brunch, Dinner, etc.)
      • Fourth of July Box
      • Labor Day Box
      • Holiday-themed boxes
      • Custom-themed boxes upon request

We also provide other dining essentials and grocery items such as:

      • Fresh bakery items (breads, cakes, etc.)
      • Farm-fresh fruits and vegetables
      • Seafood and onsite butchered meats
      • Sliced-to-order Boars Head brand deli meats
      • Dairy products
      • Paper products and cleaning supplies

Safe Cafeteria Contactless Corporate Dining

Items in our cafeterias have been moved from retail reach-in coolers to open air screen coolers for grab-and-go service.  We have temporarily eliminated self-service food stations, reach-in containers of portion-control condiment packages, and other self-service stations such as coffee bars, soda-fountains and salad bars.

We provide business clients with guidance regarding entrance and exit plans, and floor plan updates that support social distancing in the cafeteria such as table spacing and appropriate seating arrangements.

Our expert chefs and dedicated kitchen staff remain onsite behind the scenes, working to enhance each guest’s dining experience!  We’re preparing, cooking, baking, and packaging quality fresh, delicious food for safe, contact-free delivery of individual meals, catered orders, and take-home meal kits – as well as our constantly-stocked coolers.

Contactless Corporate Catering

Socially distanced roof top corporate catered reception ready for guests to arrive.

Contact-Free Catering

Our convenient contact-free catering provides your staff with convenient access to freshly-prepared cuisine, packaged attractively in individual single-serve boxes with brand-name condiments and utensils. Online catering menus can be digitally accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.  All orders are bagged and sealed with tamper-evident packaging, and placed in recyclable cardboard boxes for pickup.  We also perform contactless drop-off catering of meetings and events, with individually-packaged meals and snacks, for delivery anywhere in the building.

Micro Markets

Our micro markets are a proven, practical resource for grab-and-go, anytime-access to onsite prepared and safely prepackaged meals, snacks and beverages.  In support of our commitment to contactless corporate dining, micromarkets have expanded to become touchless retail food markets integrated within our client’s company cafeterias.  Patrons can self-checkout at an unattended kiosk and quickly pay with using our user-friendly point of sale system to access their credit card on file, or by tapping their phone, or using their keychain FOB with their company subsidized cafeteria account.

Contactless Dining Success Profile:

Jordan’s Furniture - Corporate Office & Warehouse | East Taunton, MA

The iconic and innovative furniture-industry giant Jordan’s Furniture has long-entrusted Café Services to safely nourish employees at the firm’s 750,000 sq. ft. corporate campus.

When COVID-19 became a concern, Café Services pivoted to seamlessly expand and integrate a fully-stocked self-service retail micromarket of freshly prepared foods-to-go within the corporate office cafeteria.  It features attractively presented doorless air screen coolers loaded daily with fresh sandwiches, salads, baked goods, beverages, chips, snacks, candy and energy bars.

Employees enter from one direction, pick up their selections, choose from several fast and easy no-touch pay options at an unattended kiosk, and exit in another direction.  The Jordan’s corporate warehouse also features a freshly-stocked self-service, contactless retail market.

Café Services provides several convenient contactless self-checkout options:

    • Prepaid, preloaded, or company-subsidized cafeteria keychain FOB
    • Smartphone tap and go payment with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay
    • Chip-enabled credit card
    • Self-checkout Kiosk POS System

10 Coronavirus Tips for Eating at the Office Cafeteria

We’ve prepared these 10 practical tips as your guide for safely eating at the office cafeteria – and ordering cafeteria takeout for pickup or delivery – during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

1. Avoid Self-serve Stations

A best-practice of safe food service during COVID-19 is to eliminate self-serve stations in restaurants and cafeterias.  The safer alternative to  is to shop for prepackaged offerings and individually boxed meals that we regularly stock in our cafes and micro markets in the workplace.

2. Look for Signs of Cleaning Protocols

Look for evidence of cleaning protocols and other health-supports such as regular disinfection of high-touch points, available hand sanitizer, safety signage, safety barriers, and employees wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, safety glasses, and more.

3. Choose Boxed Lunches Over Food Stations

Self-serve food stations are temporarily closed in favor of professionally boxed lunches filled with individual containers of fresh food, condiments, and serving utensils. Boxed meals are a convenient and enjoyable way for employees to safely maintain their energy and productivity.

4. Avoid Cafeterias that Do Not Practice Social Distancing

Science-based evidence supports the consistent practice of social distancing in cafeterias. Owners and employees of all office buildings served by Café Services enjoy the peace of mind that our COVID-19 safety protocols include stringent social distancing requirements and processes.

5. Follow Alternate Dining Room Seating Plans and Traffic Flow
Our Café Services Dining Managers work with clients to develop plans for traffic flow that limit close contact and minimize social interaction. For locations that offer limited dining room seating, we work with facility owners to alternate open tables for safe dining room service.

6. Use Contact-Free Food Service

Employees receive a text when their order is ready for pickup via contact-free food service.  This supports social distancing by limiting the number of people in the cafeteria at any given time.

7. Preorder and Prepay for Meals, Snacks, Coffee and Beverages

Preordering and paying for meals, snacks and coffee is the safest and most efficient way for staff members to obtain freshly-made, professionally served food.

8. Look for Take-home Meal Kits

Employees are encouraged to use our digital ordering application to order take-home meal kits. On a regular basis, we post new available options for take-home meal kits filled with their requested quantity of fresh, quality entrees, sides, and desserts.

9. Order Ahead for Meals and Groceries for the Week

Avoid a trip and exposure to the grocery store by ordering fresh, custom-prepared, multiple-portion take home meals and groceries from Café Services convenient retail food and grocery market.

10. Take Advantage of Contact-Free Catering

Enhance the experience of meal-time meetings and events by taking advantage of Café Services contact-free catering services. Digitally review and choose from hot and cold entrees, sides, snacks and desserts, prepared by professional servers to be ready when you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 & Corporate Cafeteria Safety

The Restaurant Law Center of the National Restaurant Association is maintaining official return to work (RTW) guidelines for foodservice establishments in response to COVID-19.   Official Return to Work Guidelines for Foodservice Establishments compiles constantly-updated state-by-state information.

According to this COVID-19 and Food Safety FAQ, there is no evidence that takeout meals contribute to illness. Takeout meals represent a safe practice due when safely-packaged in individual containers, and presented following good social distancing practices to reduce human contact.

According to the CDC and USDA there is no current evidence of food or food packaging transmitting COVID-19, as outlined in this COVID-19 and Food Safety FAQ document. Coronaviruses require a living host (such as human or animal) and cannot grow in food.  Regarding food workers handling food, it is important to practice safe hygiene, such as handwashing, surface disinfection, separation of raw meats from other food, refrigeration, etc.) as outlined in these General Guidelines for Basic Food Safety.

Current CDC guidance suggests that there is no current evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging.  It states, “Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.” NC State University provides this informational FAQ regarding foodservice in the coronavirus environment.

On its COVID-19 Food Safety Resources page, the NC State University Extension has published guidelines and best practices for managing the risks around COVID-19 for food environments such as restaurants and office cafeterias.  These guidelines stem from the best available science, and information gathered by the CDC, EPA, USDA, and the World Health Organization.

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