Corporate Food Services

Food Management For Businesses With Exceptional Value

Café Services® is a corporate food services leader that provides business diners with exceptional value in food management for business.

Corporate Food Services

Our corporate food services team made this delicious coconut shrimp with orange chili sauce, sweet corn and scallion quinoa for a customer account in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

As specialists in corporate dining services since 1993, our award-winning cafeteria management company has grown to serve as the contract food service provider for nearly 300 client locations.

Among the Top Food Service Companies in the United States

Our team is proud to be recognized by our food service industry peers and customers among the top food service companies in the United States.

Employee Food Service

Employee food service BBQ celebration in Providence, Rhode Island.

Each customer review of our corporate food services echoes praise for the local corporate food service management program we’ve partnered with to create. We are proud of our role and reputation in the accommodation and food services industry, as a corporate dining services leader.

The Employee Food Service Resource for Local Fresh Food

Consider Café Services as your dedicated employee food service resource for fresh food that’s conveniently available when and how your employees want it.

Chefs in our Cafes Prepare Restaurant Quality Meals Onsite Daily

Our professional chefs passionately create menu choices that please a variety of tastes, appetites and availability preferences. As your corporate lunch providers, we use fresh, flavorful ingredients from trusted local and national brand food service suppliers who share our passion for quality foodservice.

Corporate Cafeteria Services

Desserts prepared fresh by corporate cafeteria services for micro market.

Our Corporate Cafeteria Services Include Micro Markets with Fresh Grab N' Go Meals & Snacks

Café Services micro markets are the ideal complement to our traditional corporate cafeteria services.
Beyond our popular offerings of gourmet coffee bars and classic vending services, micro markets offer anytime convenience and accessibility of fresh food, prepared and packaged on-site.

We’re Serious about Cafeteria Management Food Safety

Corporate Cafeteria Management

Roast beef sandwich prepared by our cafeteria management team in Rensselaer, NY.

Food safety is a key priority of our cafeteria management, as is the safety of every food service worker. Our highly-trained food workers follow all SafeServ® food safety handling protocols, and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to maintain food quality and prevent contamination. Any sick employees receive clear instruction to stay home and isolate as needed, per company, local and CDC guidance.

You Gain Comprehensive Corporate Cafeteria Services

Café Services is your best choice in corporate cafeteria companies because we offer a wide range of vital corporate cafeteria services. In addition to providing Café Services as your dedicated food service company, we offer customized wellness services, office cafeteria design, micro market development, event management and more.

Food Service Vendor

When it comes to corporate food service vendors, nobody does corporate dining like Café Services®.

Increased Employee Engagement Reduces Employer Subsidy to Food Service Vendors

Café Services has earned a reputation among top food service vendors by working with customers to help increase employee engagement with their dining facility. This includes offering subsidized meals to employees.

Full or partially subsidized meals with excellent food quality, prepared by professional chefs and served by skilled food workers, attracts frequent employee cafeteria participation. This participation increase helps to lower the subsidy that employers pay for corporate food services.

Top 8 Ways Cafeteria Food Service Providers Can Enhance Employee Job Satisfaction

Quality cafeteria food service providers work to consistently enhance employer and employee job satisfaction.

The top 8 ways that Café Services supports employee productivity, morale, and career satisfaction include:

Company Cafeteria

Fresh spring roll made in our customer's company cafeteria by our cafeteria food service providers.

Our Company Cafeteria Serves a Wide Variety of Cuisine and Dining Options

Café Services company cafeterias deliver the best value in cuisine options that suit every diner’s taste. That’s because today’s employees, from young millennials to seasoned staffers, seek consistent variety in corporate dining menus.

Our dedicated on-site professional chefs create restaurant quality meals with fresh local ingredients. Employees can choose from a variety of food stations, similar to the corporate food hall concept of various full-service restaurants under one roof.

Our corporate dining services team’s passion for converting innovative dining concepts to menus essentially transforms your corporate dining program into a permanent version of popular “popup restaurant” options.

Food Services For Companies

Our food services for companies provides a number of convenient services, like take home chef-prepared meals.

Our Food Services For Companies Include Customized Wellness Programs

Corporate food services are in-demand – especially customizable food services for companies that support employee wellness programs.

In today’s competitive business environment, top-talented employee candidates prioritize the benefit of corporate food services that include healthy meals. Employers can attract more candidates by featuring tasty, nutritious meals on their corporate dining menus in support of employee wellness.

Our Food Services Company Improves Employee Productivity and Morale

Contracting with a dedicated food services company is a practical way that employers can improve employee productivity and boost staff morale.

Studies report that poor employee health habits contribute to workplace productivity loss, and morale improves when employees believe their work environment supports their overall health.

Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies

Not many corporate cafeteria management companies can serve up tuna like this!

Our Green Initiatives Surpass Most Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies

Café Services’ comprehensive green initiatives go beyond what most corporate cafeteria management companies do to minimize food waste and promote sustainable meal prep practices.

This commitment differentiates our cafeteria services from those of other contract food service companies. We proactively partner with our clients to maximize food quality and reduce waste, as we guide them regarding “green” options that can conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Corporate Cafeteria Services are Customized to Your Company Culture

Each member of our team of cafeteria employees plays a role in customizing our corporate cafeteria services to fit your company culture and mirror the corporate personality of your brand.

As your flexible food service supplier, we creatively craft corporate dining menus for your every need.

Examples of Our Café Services Corporate Cafeteria Offerings for Individual Employees:

    • Restaurant quality daily breakfast and lunch - featuring innovative cuisine prepared on-site
    • Café Services Fit Picks™ - a customized approach to healthful eating and nutrition education
    • Customized wellness services - such as private nutrition counseling by registered dietitians
    • Contemporary coffee shop environment - supports rejuvenating coffee breaks

Examples of Café Services Customized Corporate Food Services for Corporate Gatherings:

    • General Business meetings
    • Breakfast, Lunch or Mid-day gatherings
    • Themed events (business anniversaries, etc.)
    • Holiday celebrations
    • Staff recognition parties
    • Company milestone occasions
Food Service Management

Our food service management teams will make sure your corporate event goes off without a hitch!

We Provide Direct Access to Local Food Service Management

Café Services provides vital corporate food services from the best-trained food service management professionals. From our experienced top management to our loyal and efficient front-line employees, our food services company places a premium on food quality and food safety.

Because we invest in ongoing professional development and great benefits, our team takes pride in their work and are inspired to treat your food service management program as their own. You gain excellent customer service and direct access to your local food service management team of experienced directors, registered dieticians, chefs, and supervisors. Unlike large national corporate cafeteria companies, your Café Services team is empowered to make local decisions on your behalf.

We’re the Cafeteria Service Providers with the Most Convenient Online Ordering

Does your current cafeteria service provider offer your employees the convenience of online ordering?
You can rely on our customizable online ordering technology to represent your brand and support accurate, efficient food ordering as a valuable and convenient benefit for your employees.

Our Comprehensive Office Food Services Include Popular Refreshment Services and Vending

Each customized Café Services corporate dining program includes traditional office food services such as office refreshment services and vending.

Learn more from our Executive Chef about the Top 5 Trends Transforming Food Services for Companies

The Ideal Corporate Cafeteria Vendor for Business Catering and Events

As your full-service corporate cafeteria vendor, Café Services offers flexible menus that feature fresh ingredients that serve a wide variety of business catering needs. What’s more, our on-site catering services eliminate the need, headache and expense of outsourcing your corporate event catering projects.

As your dedicated corporate food services provider, you can rest assured that we will professionally represent your corporate personality every step of the way. From routine casual business meetings for small groups, to occasional special events for hundreds of people, we handle everything impeccably and you get all the credit!

We Welcome Your RFP to Provide Quality Corporate Food Services for Your Organization

It’s important to choose the corporate food services firm that fits your firm’s unique needs and personality.

In the article, How to Prepare a Corporate Food Service Request for Proposal – (RFP) we share proven steps from our vast experience with helping clients ask the right questions to gain the best foodservice support for their business and employees.

Corporate Dining
Corporate Dining

Variety, local sourcing, custom menus, healthy options, creative chefs – that's corporate dining your way!

On-Site Catering
On-Site Catering

Daily catering, special event catering, executive catering, any event, any size, we'll make you shine!

Micro Markets
Micro Markets

Micro markets provide a variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverages made on-site available 24×7.

Event Management
Event Management

We can manage every aspect of your event, small or large, onsite or off, you can count on Café Services.

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

Our dietitians and chefs provide an all-encompassing approach to health & wellness.

Local Sourcing
Local Sourcing

We locally source the freshest fruits and vegetables through partnerships with local farms in every region we're in.


A great addition to your corporate cafeteria providing healthy beverages and snacks for employees on the go.

Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives

Our products are made from recycled, compostable and chlorine-free reusable materials.

Cafeteria Design
Cafeteria Design

We offer the professional expertise and resources to support your project from design to implementation.