Micro Markets

A Variety of Fresh Food, Snacks, and Beverages Available 24x7

Photo of corporate dining micro market.

Micromarkets are a great addition to any company. They can complement a full-service corporate cafeteria or be a standalone food option to employees.

Café Services, a corporate food service company, manages micro markets that:

  • Are open all the time
  • Offer locally sourced fresh food options
  • Are customizable (in size and food choices)
  • Are cashless
  • Increase food sales

Micro Markets Are Open 24x7

Photo of micro market food display in corporate cafeteria account.

Mini markets enable employees to have access to freshly prepared foods and meals, prepackaged snacks, frozen treats, and beverages at any time of day or night.

When a corporate cafeteria is onsite, employees can trust that the fresh food offered in the mini markets is also prepared onsite.

Café Services keeps micro markets stocked with a variety of breakfast and lunch foods, FitPicks choices, beverages, fresh-baked goods, and more, all based on individual location.

There is flexibility in the food offerings. Employees can request that particular to-go meals, sandwiches, FitPicks, or salads be stocked more often or at particular times (to be available over the weekend, for instance). The available prepackaged snack options, such as chips, candy, and soft drinks, can be customized to employee favorites.

Mini Markets Offer Employees Fresh Food Anytime

Photo of freshly-made greek salad for mini market.

Food in the micromarkets is turned over daily, so employees don’t need to wonder how old a sandwich or salad is when making a selection. Café Services staff keeps an eye on inventory throughout the day and becomes quickly aware of what sells well and what employees enjoy the most.

Micro markets can be located anywhere in a company – proximity to the cafeteria varies – but fresh food options are guaranteed.

With the 24x7 accessibility of a mini market, employees don’t have to keep track of when the cafeteria is open or closed, either. They can grab the food they want, when they want, and know it’s fresh.

Micromarkets Are Great Alternatives When Physical Space Is Limited

The mini markets are customizable to fit into any space. Commonly, they can be found next to the corporate dining room. This enables employees to skip waiting in line, grab one item or many, and check themselves out.

In a big facility, a micro market can be installed far from the cafeteria to enable everyone to have easy access to fresh food.

In a small facility without a cafeteria, micro markets enable employees to have fresh food without needing to bring a meal or leave the building in search of food.

Minimarkets Are Cash-Free

Photo of self-checkout kiosk in corporate cafeteria mini market.

Mini markets are standalone entities that don’t require staff. Similar to the now common self-checkout kiosks at big box stores and grocery stores, mini market checkouts enable an individual to purchase one or more items without assistance. Employees simply select an item, or items, scan the UPC code(s), and make payment.

Payment options are cashless. The technology available enables payment via a credit card, a prepaid card, a microcard (small tags kept on keyrings), biometrics (a thumbprint), or a Smartphone (to scan and pay virtually). Personal accounts are managed online, so an individual can check their expenses, see their account balance, or even create their own budget limit if they need to keep spending limited, at any time.

Online assistance is available 24x7 and contact details are noted at each kiosk.

Micro Markets Boost Overall Food Sales
Corporations offering mini markets to their employees see an increase in cafeteria food sales, as the micro markets are an extension of the corporate cafeteria and are a tremendous amenity to 2nd and 3rd shift employees.