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Tag : Cafeteria Management Insights

Café Services Commits to Global Animal Partnership Program

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Café Services Commits to Global Animal Partnership Program Café Services, Inc., a leading dining management services company specializing in corporate, educational and senior living environments, announces its commitment to adopting policies to improved conditions of broiler chicken welfare by 2024 [...]

Have Your Corporate Food Service and Your Corporate Catering Too

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There are many ways to boost employee satisfaction and enhance professional relationships with business partners and customers. Corporate catering is one. A growing number of our business customers use it to achieve goals, such as: Building loyalty—A professionally catered dinner [...]

FitPicks Expands To Support Changing Workplace Wellness Trends

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Healthy eaters are healthy employees. They’re also more productive employees — a connection that hasn’t been lost on the 70% of US employers that offer some kind of employee wellness program — many of them Café Services corporate dining services [...]

Not-Your-Average Fast Food: Self-Service Micro-Market Fuels ‘Smarter, Faster’ Dining at Amazon Robotics

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To the forward-looking inventors and doers at Amazon Robotics—a Café Services, Massachusetts corporate food service company—inspiration can strike at any time. So can that twinge in the stomach or dip in energy that says it’s time for a quick bite or [...]

Cafe Services Brings Contemporary Corporate Dining To Classic Office Site At W.B. Mason’s

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Just because a company is old doesn’t mean it’s old fashioned. Just look at the stylish, new modern café and kitchen at the Brockton, Mass. location of W.B. Mason, one of the country’s largest office products dealers with a history [...]

Cafe Services Leads Corporate Dining Management Trends For 2016

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For corporate dining management company, Café Services, looking at annual food trends at the start of the year is more than just a crystal ball gazing exercise. It's part of what we do to help our customers reach a variety [...]

Cafe Services’ Five Top Tips For Throwing A Successful Holiday Office Party

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‘Tis the season when Café Services’ corporate food service management clients in Connecticut and across the northeast show their appreciation for employees and celebrate the year’s accomplishments by throwing a holiday party. The annual corporate holiday party can be a [...]

Cafe Services Fall Harvest Festival Makes Corporate Dining Room Place to Be in November

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In days past, it was common for businesses to treat corporate dining as a basic, non-essential convenience. Corporate cafes were often bare bones — stark, sparsely furnished, unadorned cafeterias serving up quick, mass-market fare as an alternative to employees who [...]

Café Services Goes Purple to Help Verizon Raise Domestic Violence Awareness

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  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Verizon, a Café Services’ Massachusetts corporate food service management customer, is “going purple” and rallying employees, supporters and customers to champion the cause. Throughout October, Verizon is offering an exclusive line of purple HopeLine [...]

Café Services Revitalizes Corporate Dining at Element Financial in Sparks, Maryland

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It’s been two months. Yet employees at Element Financial are still raving about the annual summer picnic in July, catered by Café Services, a corporate food service management provider to Maryland businesses and locations across the mid-Atlantic and New England. “It was [...]