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Halloween Fun at iRobot in Bedford, Massachusetts!

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Chef Deborah at iRobot in Bedford, Massachusetts made a delicious brown sugar maple coco mummy loaf with fingerling potatoes, butternut squash raviolis with a red pepper cream sauce, a shattered pumpkin spilling out roasted garlic veggies, a very scary pizza [...]

Weekly Chili Promotion at BBP, Bedford, Massachusetts

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At Bedford Business Park in Bedford, Massachusetts, we served white chili, which is one of our many weekly chili promotions we are featuring this month. The chili base is made with ground turkey. We added avocado, lime juice, queso fresco, [...]

Self-Checkout Corporate Cafeterias: Micro Markets that Offer Employees Fresh Food 24×7

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 Corporations that want to offer a variety of delicious fresh food options to employees at any time of day are taking advantage of micro markets– mini non-staffed versions of their corporate cafeterias. Self-checkouts have been around for years, are still gaining [...]

The Definitive Guide for Selecting a Food Service Provider for Your Company Cafeteria

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I.Company Cafeteria Provider Introduction Selecting a corporate cafeteria vendor or food service management company is an important strategic decision for your business from several different perspectives. Your chosen cafeteria service provider will not only be in charge of the food [...]