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At Brighton Marine Chef Tatiana celebrates Thanksgiving.

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At Brighton Marine Chef Tatiana and our Floater Franco created a great pre-Thanksgiving meal for Brighton Marine and the entire construction team.  The main course included roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, roasted honey carrots, butternut squash and corn pudding...and [...]

Boston Corporate Caterer Exceeds Expectations for Brighton Massachusetts Commercial Multitenant Campus

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The Best Corporate Caterer Can Deliver Whatever the Client Wants and Can Grow with the Client’s Needs Companies and building managers are realizing the benefits to having onsite food service amenities for their tenants. It’s great to offer employees and visitors delicious [...]

The Corporate Catering Guide for Choosing the Best Corporate Caterer

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If your corporate food service partner can't provide catering services for your corporate events, you're really missing out. The best corporate dining partners make the best caterers for many reasons. You have an established relationship with them, so they know you and your company's needs. Resources, the ideal corporate dining partner will have culinary resources to spare...

Brighton Marine Catering

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It was a proud day! Yesterday's VIP Catering event at Brighton Marine included 200 guests of dignitaries and veterans. We had a very well equipped kitchen tent which led into an air conditioned tent for the ceremony and presentation. It [...]

Board of Directors Meeting at Brighton Marine

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We cooked for the Board of Directors at Brighton Marine. We made Parmesan crusted tilapia, citrus honey chicken, lemony orzo chicken soup, toasted walnut Gorgonzola pear salad, house made focaccia, and all house made desserts: crème brule, chocolate mousse pots [...]