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Top Notch Cocktail Party at Community Campus, Portmouth, New Hampshire

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Chef Mike, and his team at Community Campus had a fun and busy day putting together a Cocktail Party tonight! We had a top notch dessert display of hand dipped and filled cannoli, dipped strawberries and mini pastries. We wanted [...]

Intensive Kitchen Renovation on Our Newest Location

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Foss Manufacturing in Hampton, NH is our most recent unit opening. The space sat dormant for the last five years and underwent an intensive upgrading in order to open. The kitchen is very well equipped now. It features a new [...]

Holiday Parties Greatest Hits!

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Our 2016 Holiday Parties Greatest Hits! At Cafe 830, 300 people came to enjoy a tray full of goodness from Chef Marci's tasting menu. Big displays and action stations were the theme at BIC, smoked pork belly, cheddar grits and [...]

Annual Fall Festival at Comcast was a Huge Success!

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The annual Fall Festival at Comcast was a huge success! Multiple themed food stations were set up based on the location of each Comcast account. The Executives from each of the Comcast branches served the food from their respective regions.

Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting

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We were honored when the Board of Directors of the National Grange chose our Keene Office, where the business started, to hold their quarterly meeting. We had the pleasure of working with our client who had a clear creative vision [...]