Café Services Delivers on Every Level

Café Services has been an outstanding partner and important aspect to our in-office experience. Everyday offerings are consistent, appealing to the eye, always delicious and thoughtfully prepared. The team supports catered events from lunches for less than 10 people to parties with more than 750 attendees.

The presentation is excellent, the food is great, and the on-site team truly listens to what’s important for each event and delivers on every level. They do this all while closely managing costs. This partnership has allowed us to optimize the in-office experience and gain a level of collaboration that’s so important to our company’s culture.

Hanover Insurance – Mark Remillard

Café Service Continues to Put Food and Customers First Every Day

Timberland HQ has had Café Services as a partner since reopening after COVID.  The change we experienced in level of service has created a link between employees returning to the office and staying for the wonderful food options and dedicated staff.  The team’s flexibility in menu planning and operations, allowed us to continue to offer quality options with large variety, as we returned employees to the office in varying numbers.

From top management to our closely connected onsite kitchen staff, Café services continues to put food and customers first every day.   Café Services staff have become part of our team and take time to know customer preferences, even individually, and continue to innovate the menu with new ideas and options to the keep service fresh and people coming back.  When large event catering is needed, we are confident Café Services can handle whatever we ask, led by the knowledgeable and dedicated onsite culinary team, and supported by Café Services corporate staff to ensure each event goes off successfully for our company.  They have even started a Guest Chef program, with their executive chef onsite for staff to experience new international flavors in an elevated way, which has been successful in highlighting our cafe.

It has been a real partnership working with the Café Services team and we look forward to our continued success in making onsite food service a valuable perk for our Timberland staff.

Timberland – John Merrill

Café Services is a True Gem

Café Services is a true gem in every sense! The friendly staff goes above and beyond to make your visit special, providing a level of service that's truly exceptional. From recommendations to personalized touches, their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident.

The food at the Comcast Cafe is nothing short of delightful. Each dish is a testament to the chef's expertise and commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Every bite is a journey of flavors, leaving you craving more.

What sets Café Services apart is not just the delicious fare but also the overall company dynamics. It's evident that the cafe is exceptionally well-run, thanks to tremendous leadership. This commitment to excellence permeates every aspect, creating a welcoming atmosphere and a memorable experience.

Comcast – Billy Osborne

The Team at Café Services is Phenomenal

The team at Café Services in the W. R. Grace building is phenomenal.  They always have the customers in mind in everything they do, from serving to catering.

The food here in the café is great with a wide variety to choose from, the staff are amazing, they are always ready for the crowd and always have a kind word for everyone!

The catering is phenomenal.  I have had many lunches catered by this team and have never had a complaint, they are very in tune to our needs and adjust as needed.  When they serve a hot meal they always serve with a meat, vegetable and starch and a vegetarian option as well if requested.  As well as the lunches, they went above and beyond by catering two dinners for my team onsite, Thomas and his team were great, they were very good at listening to what was needed and giving my group a meal that was amazing both times, my catering is usually serving about 75 people, they don’t skip a beat, refill as needed and very in tune to my group and their needs. They were very accommodating to changes during the night of the dinner as well, from moving tables around to accommodate my group to keeping the bartender a little longer.  My group gave rave reviews on the food, very happy with this catering team!

Grace – Melanie Schwartz

Jordan Furniture Enjoys New Corporate Dining Food Service

Our employees were struggling to find a convenient place to eat a quality meal at an affordable price. We evaluated numerous options to provide cafeteria services at our office and distribution center. Our decision to use Café Services has been a great success. The Café Services team is responsive to our needs and provides an excellent product to our employees. We have been very happy with our decision.

Jordan Furniture – Peter Bolton

I Wanted to Give a Heartfelt “Thank You!

I wanted to give a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all staff at Café Services. Whether I’m just stopping by to fill up my water or ordering lunch, I am always welcomed with a smile and a lovely greeting. Sometimes, something as small as a smile can change a person’s day for the better.

Thank you for all that you do for NJNG! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we are all so appreciative of all that you do. I usually bring my lunch but yesterday decided I’d like to try something from Café Services.

I had two separate conversations with coworkers yesterday who mentioned that the food was delicious! They told me all about their favorite options and gave me some ideas of what to get. I have only heard good things. Ordering was simple and quick and my sandwich was incredible.

This morning, I ran into Bob. He was so kind as to introduce himself, tell me more about the menu, and gave me recommendations of what to try. When I stopped by again during lunch, he made me the best sandwich! As I’m still getting to know everyone around the office, I look forward to having another friendly face to converse with!

Needless to say, I think I’ll be “forgetting” my lunch a whole lot more!

Thank you again for all that you do!

New Jersey Resources – Emily

Comcast Manchester Clambake

“Wow, I knew this was going to be a great event, but you and your team brought it to a whole new level. Breaking down the lobsters, hot and fresh, right on the serving line for the guest was unbelievable and a service that we don’t get event at the best function centers. The flavor and showcase of all of the food was outstanding and the hospitality was over the top”.

Kim Davis – Executive Administrator

Micro Market Brings Quick, Healthy & Convenient Food Around the Clock to 1,800 Employees

The Micro Markets implemented by Café Services at our facility have been extremely beneficial for our more than 1800 manufacturing employees.  We are a 24/7 operation with multiple shift schedules.  Being able to quickly and easily purchase both hot and cold food, as well as having access to a variety of snack and drink options is extremely convenient.  The payment kiosks are also easy to utilize.  Any questions or issues have been quickly handled by the Café Services staff. We have received nothing but positive comments on this addition to our traditional cafeteria service, and plan to continue with this method of providing quick, healthy and convenient food options at our facility.

Kathy S. – Sr. Director Human Resources

Micro Market Brings Convenience and Fresh Food

The Micro Market from Café Services has been tremendous for Jordan’s Furniture. Our team loves the convenience and freshness of the food. The Café Services team are great to work with and very responsive to our needs.

Peter Bolton C.O.O. Jordan’s Furniture

Micro Market Solution For All Shifts

The Micro Market provides our associates with easy round-the-clock access to a well thought out variety of food, beverages, and small necessities. The customized approach to associate wants and needs truly makes the Micro Market a positive contributor to our overall workplace experience.

Paul H. – Human Resources Manager, Timken
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