Thank you for Hosting Our 2017 Executive Meeting
Dear Café Services SVB Catering Team,

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work associated with hosting the FMC 2017 Executive Meeting. Each and every one of you put forth great effort and detailed planning in the months and weeks leading up to this high level meeting to ensure a successful meeting. The executive team was very pleased with the catering for this event, so thank you very much!!

We sincerely appreciate all of your efforts!

Marie Gilet Senior Manager, Corporate Services, Fresenius Medical Care

7 years and counting: Café Services’ chefs are top notch and have a great rapport with employees

“We have some unique requirements in our two locations that could be considered difficult in some café dining situations, but Café Services makes it seamless. For instance, we have a strict policy of no fried foods, so Café Services focuses on offering the healthiest possible selections to our employees. The chefs know everyone by name and remember if people have allergies or special requests. They go out of their way to make the offerings exciting. They work with us on promotions and take ideas from our staff and put those into the menu. They also have no problem selecting and offering top-quality ethnic foods. They do a wonderful job.

David Bird Manager of Procurement, Cell Signaling Technology Inc.
Partnering with Cafe Services is one of the best management decisions I’ve ever made…

The food quality has increased 100-fold, the variety is amazing, and the staff is extraordinary. In the short time Café Services has been on board, we’ve cut our subsidy in half.

The food looks so good, many employees, including me, have started purchasing extra food to bring home after work for dinner. With the added revenue to the company, it’s been a win-win all around.

Christine Clifford Director of Administrative Services, Element Financial

Café Services is wonderful, and the feedback from diners has been incredibly superb

“When we started looking for a new food service provider in 2014, Café Services came highly recommended for the integrity of its leadership and unique, hybrid experience in corporate dining and education.

Providing nutrition services in an early childhood education setting requires expertise in meeting USDA regulations as well as meeting special dietary requirements. We also had to consider the needs of the diverse adults that use our café and are accustomed to dining restaurant style. This includes families with children, clients and patients with a variety of physical and cognitive challenges, and employees from nine unaffiliated nonprofit organizations.

The Café Services team has done a remarkable job making everyone feel welcome—from the kids to the professionals to the brain injury patients. For the latter, the lunch program plays a critical role helping to develop skills for navigating the real world; and Café Services goes overboard to accommodate them in a kind, patient and respectful way.

Café Services is wonderful, and the feedback from diners has been incredibly superb. On top of it all, our manager works really hard to keep expenses in line and increase sales. We hit the jackpot with the café staff we have, here.”

Debra Grabowski, RN Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Seacoast Health

Cafe Services caters to our every need

“Since Café Services joined BIC in late 2012, employee satisfaction with our corporate dining program has never been better. I frequently get compliments from employees about Café Services—not only on the quality of the food, but also on how the food is prepared and presented. They do a nice job meeting the needs of our employees while operating within budget. Prior to Café Services, BIC experienced three different food service providers in seven years.

Employee satisfaction with Café Services extends beyond the dining room into other area of our business, like catering. Café Services caters a lot of our corporate meetings and events, mostly because of the strong relationships it’s built with the BIC team. Our employees are glad to hear that Café Services is catering a function.

Café Services has also been a big help with the launch of our new employee health and well-being initiative. When Café Services says they’ll cater to our every need, they really deliver.”

Peter Lee Director, Total Rewards & Labor BIC Consumer Products NAM

Superior Service to Employees

“Comcast has been a client of Cafe Services for over six years beginning with our largest facility in the division. We have found their entire staff-from front line through ownership-to provide superior overall service to the employee, customer and the company’s needs. Their top-level food quality, creativity, variety, and ability & willingness to bend over backward to accommodate our entire range of needs is second to none. Their service staff, who interact with our employees on a daily basis, are high-level, personable folks who have a sincere desire to please, make it a point to know their customer’s names, and have become an integral part of the culture of our company. Regarding all aspects of their operation, I would highly recommend Cafe Services as a partner in your business.”

Marc Baker Sr. Manager, Division Building Assets, Comcast

A Leader in Customer Service

“From the very beginning of our partnership with Café Services, they have provided exceptional customer service and quality meals, at affordable prices. On the serving line, their staff is always friendly and engaging, an important aspect of the dining experience to us. Their management is a four-star service provider. I am most impressed with their responsiveness to our suggestions and their genuine desire to meet the needs of our staff. At every major event we have held, I have observed their district manager and key regional managers on-site, not only overseeing the event to ensure its success, but actually stepping in to assist on the serving line. They truly care about satisfying their customers. Simply stated, they deliver.”

Rob Beaudoin Manager, Corporate Services, Arbella Insurance

Cafe Services Stands High Above The Rest
“When we were evaluating new corporate food service providers in 2012, Café Services® stood high above the rest for its focus on quality and presentation.

Since we’ve been with Café Services, we’ve hit all our financial targets, and we’re getting greater value from our subsidy. Our employees appreciate the convenience of eating onsite and speak highly about the food, people and overall dining experience. This has been a big plus for productivity.

On top of the bottom line advantages, Café Services is a pleasure to work with. Their responsive, small-business approach to service truly makes a difference, and we consider Café Services an extension of our team. Their interest in meeting our needs and adding value is genuine, and that’s exactly what Café Services does.”

Tom Dunn Senior Vice President, Director of General Services & Facilities Eastern Bank

Performance Perfected
“It takes a high level of market savvy and management skill to deliver the variety of food choices people want today, all the while keeping a sharp eye on costs. With Cafe Services, we are saving $4,000 per month over our previous vendor.”

Michael Grogan Director, Administration, Main Street America Group

Excellent Service for a Last Minute Fire Drill

I wanted to send a note to recognize how amazing John and the team at our café were when dealing with a last minute fire drill for me. Friday morning I ran down to the café in a slight panic because we were planning a last minute going away party for an employee who had been with the company for 14 years. We asked everyone to bring in food for a potluck but when we arrived at the party location we noticed a very sad spread. There was only a plate full of cookies (that I brought in) and box of donuts. I ran down to the café and John came out to help me instantly. I told him my dilemma and he gave me several options of how he could he spruce up our party. I opted for the veggie and dip tray and the pasta salad (although he gave me many awesome options). I had 10 minutes until the party started. He put both trays together in a matter of minutes, along with plates, napkins and utensils. I brought them to the party and no one had any clue this was all put together in less than 5 minutes.

I have dealt with John before and this isn’t the first time he has come to help. He is always walking around making sure people have what they need. He runs a great operation here at the Sparks café and you can tell his team respects him and is morale is high.

John quickly rallied his team together to put everything together for me. It was awesome and I was so appreciative. The employee had a wonderful and thoughtful send off thanks to John and his team. It is so refreshing to deal with people who value customers, as that seems to be a dying breed. Please make sure John and team are recognized for their service. They are appreciated!”

Marni C. Café Patron

The Event was a Hit!
“Hi – I wanted to send a quick note to say Thank You! The event was a hit. The café looked great and was set up well to enable movement. The food was excellent and received many compliments!!! Please give our compliments to the chef! I also appreciated having people staffed to walk around clearing empty plates and trash cans. I couldn’t have asked for a more successful event. Thank you and hopefully we can work together again to coordinate future events!”

Jenny D. Service and Support Leader

Small Café, Big Flavor
For such a small café, the meals that I get here are outstanding. I just finished the Steak au Poivre and can’t believe something so good is coming from an office building café. The menus are creative and the food is consistently delicious. Thanks to Angel and Dan for giving me an easy choice for lunch every day!

Becky Café Patron

Quality, Variety and Service with a Smile
As an employee of CSC who often tries to eat cheaper and healthier options, I routinely find myself eating at the Café in LF3. I do pack my own lunch several times a week, but whether I was in a rush that day, or supplement with the salad bar, I typically eat there twice a week. The options range in variety and style, so I don’t find myself eating the same things at any point. Also, Tom puts together special lunches occasionally with barbecue, chili bowls or fun strawberry sundae desserts in case people want a mid-day treat.

I am sending this because I understand we are moving buildings in a couple of years, and I would love it if the team at Café Services moved over as well. Tom, Q and Melissa say hi to me every day, whether I’m eating there or not, and it feels like I have a personal chef rather than a normal dining experience. Customer service for this group is the top priority, and it is accomplished every day. I hope to see them for years to come.

Gianni Café Patron

Many Thanks to the 930 Winter Street Café Team
I want to recognize the superior service and meal we received for our Quality (post-FDA Inspection) celebration luncheon. Stan Pendrak and team did a terrific job of providing a wonderful dining experience; from the decorations (with some help from Regina Murphy), the place settings and table arrangements, a professional wait-staff, to a spectacular meal. The catering was very well organized and the comments from the participants support my opinion. Chef Larry Finney could not have made a finer meal! My thanks to your team, including Stan Pendrak, Larry Finney, and Katya Cook for their professionalism and the great experience my team enjoyed. I would question whether any of the hotels or restaurants in this area could have done a better job. Your team was great! Many thanks.

Dirk Café Patron

Special Attention from a Special Staff

I wanted to drop a line to express my gratitude for the special care I receive from your Lowell team. I am probably the worst person to please because of my food allergies and Scott, Nicole and Clair are absolutely wonderful. They warn me in advance of the ingredients in the entrées and always provide options and in most cases do special handling for me. I know I am not the only person they provide “special handling” for, but it does make me feel special with their added attention.

Laura Café Patron

Compliments to Invista Café Employees
To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to compliment the Café Services employees that run the Café at the Invista location in Wilmington, Delaware. They are GREAT! I can tell that the Chef LOVES what he does. Currently, I am trying to eat healthier and he makes it so easy with different healthy options to choose from. I also love the fact that we can have avocado with any meal that we choose. I am an avocado fanatic. When I go to the café, I don’t know what to choose because everything is so delicious!

I also appreciate the fact that they are always in a pleasant mood each time I go to the café. I love seeing their smiling faces when I take a break from work.

Our company will be leaving the Invista building in a few years… I want them to come with us to our new building!

You have an awesome team!! Just wanted you to know that.

Janice Café Patron